Restaurants Of Breckenridge

Restaurants Of Breckenridge

Breckenridge's restaurants are almost as​ delicious as​ the​ mountains, no matter what your preference is, I guarantee you will find delicious food that will stimulate your taste buds. Let's start with the​ American cuisine of​ Breckenridge.
If you enjoy a​ nice import micro or​ a​ fresh brewed beer with your delicious meal be sure to​ check out the​ Breckenridge brewery. the​ Breckenridge brewery was founded in​ 1990 and​ was instantly a​ local's favorite. Take a​ seat in​ the​ dining room and​ enjoy the​ view of​ the​ 10-mile range while dining on excellent pub grub at​ a​ very reasonable price. They are open for​ both lunch and​ dinner so for​ the​ very best brews and​ grub make sure you stop by the​ Breckenridge Brewery. My personal favorite beer at​ the​ brewery is​ the​ avalanche; it​ is​ very smooth yet hoppy flavored ale.
Downstairs at​ Eric's is​ the​ greatest sports bar in​ Breckenridge. Eric's specializes in​ wings, pizza, beer, but they also offer many televisions with direct TV. This will allow you to​ watch your favorite local sporting event. Eric's food is​ that of​ the​ bar variety with half pound burgers which will fill any skiers belly. Eric's buffalo wings are the​ best in​ summit county and​ their pizza is​ outstanding. Their sandwiches and​ dinners are simply the​ best.
Eric's also features Breckenridge's finest game room, conveniently located in​ the​ lobby, with pinball and​ classic arcade games. the​ game room has the​ tendency to​ keep your children extremely busy and​ happy. Try Eric's if​ you want good times, great food and​ entertainment for​ the​ whole family.
Rasta Pasta has been rated the​ number one restaurant in​ Breckenridge for​ the​ last three years. Rasta Pasta features the​ very best in​ pasta dishes ranging from ravioli to​ an​ amazing jerk chicken pasta dish. There pasta dishes use the​ most amazing spiced vegetables, meats, and​ seafood which form into an​ explosion of​ flavors in​ your mouth. All of​ there dinners come with garlic bread and​ a​ salad with a​ delicious sun dried vinaigrette dressing. Rasta Pasta's atmosphere is​ a​ mix of​ reggae meets mountain town. My advice is​ to​ arrive around 4:30pm or​ 5:00pm at​ the​ latest to​ beat the​ mountain traffic.
Breckenridge ski area has four mountain dining lodges; you can either try one of​ the​ many sandwiches sub fusion offers, or​ try a​ huge burrito from burrito borders all at​ the​ Vista Haus. the​ Bergenhoff restaurant offers an​ incredible breakfast which will fill the​ heartiest appetite; they also have a​ great lunch menu with great burgers and​ sandwiches of​ all varieties.
If you want some of​ the​ best views of​ the​ mountain head to​ the​ 10-mile station for​ some buffalo chili or​ a​ delicious buffalo burger. the​ Maggie at​ the​ base of​ peak 9, is​ a​ nice place to​ be at​ and​ they offer spirits and​ a​ delicious lunch. Tiffany's in​ the​ Beaver Run resort has live Apre ski entertainment.
The Hearthstone is​ the​ very finest of​ fine dining in​ Breckenridge with delicious wild game dishes, like elk chops, and​ fresh water trout. the​ heart stone offers the​ most romantic dinners in​ a​ victorian house setting, with some of​ the​ best culinary cuisine money can buy. So if​ you do not mind spending a​ little extra cash to​ get the​ very best dinning experience ever, try the​ Hearthstone.
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