Restaurant Uniforms Tip Your Hat To Paying Customers

Restaurant Uniforms: Tip Your Hat To Paying Customers
Whether you are the​ manager of​ an​ upscale restaurant establishment or​ a​ lively, entertaining coffee shop, the​ restaurant uniforms that you provide to​ your employees will inevitably set the​ tone for​ the​ atmosphere of​ your restaurant.
While your kitchen staff may provide excellent and​ exquisite menu items, the​ appearance of​ your serving staff and​ their restaurant uniforms will form an​ impression in​ the​ minds of​ you customers and​ instill an​ instant conception of​ service standards.
For a​ classy, upper class steakhouse or​ specialty establishment like a​ sushi or​ Thai eatery, restaurant uniforms should exceed customer expectations .​
The guests are in​ their best attire to​ enjoy fine dining and​ expect nothing less of​ the​ waiter or​ waitress that will be serving them .​
What is​ labeled as​ black tie apparel should definitely be applied to​ the​ look of​ the​ restaurant uniforms of​ your staff, including servers, food runners, greeters, hostesses and​ coat check employees .​
There's something about black paired with white for​ restaurant uniforms that exhibits professionalism and​ high standards, and​ with this color scheme, you can rarely go wrong .​
Neatly pressed black slacks complemented by a​ long-sleeved white dress shirt are an​ impressive combination; complete with non-skid black moccasins kept clean and​ polished .​
If you want to​ add still a​ little more flare to​ your well-to-do establishment, having your staff wear neckties can be a​ fun and​ creative endeavor .​
Leave the​ design and​ color up to​ the​ server, as​ long as​ the​ graphics are tasteful and​ not too out-of-place .​
Being able to​ express their unique personalities to​ the​ guests will give the​ customers something to​ talk about and​ be amused by, and​ may strike up a​ conversation between the​ customer and​ server, possibly leading to​ increased tips .​
Adding accomplishment pins to​ restaurant uniform shirts such as​ employee of​ the​ month or​ exceptional server will give the​ waiter a​ boost of​ confidence and​ provide assurance to​ the​ customer that their order will be correct and​ their service prompt.
If you run a​ more light-hearted, family-oriented diner, restaurant uniforms should be kept casual, allowing the​ customers to​ relate to​ their server more comfortably, increasing their dining experience .​
Suggestions include solid color tee-shirts, baseball caps, and​ colorful aprons.
Finally, avoid placing a​ trainee tag on a​ new server's restaurant uniform .​
This singles out the​ waiter, making them self-conscious, possibly leading them to​ be a​ victim of​ customer maltreatment .​
The word trainee screams out incompetent and​ inexperienced, and​ will instantly instill a​ message in​ the​ customer's minds that their service will be less than exceptional .​
Having new hire plastered on a​ newcomer's restaurant uniform may also make them more nervous, making them feel like they stick out like a​ sore thumb.

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