Restaurant Supply A Lifesaver For Caterer

Restaurant Supply A Lifesaver For Caterer

Restaurant Supply a​ Lifesaver for​ Caterer
A few years ago, I​ was working as​ a​ catering manager of​ a​ local historic hotel .​
the​ hotel had been in​ terrible condition for​ many years until a​ group of​ investors purchased it​ and​ began the​ long arduous process of​ renovation .​
They were able to​ get the​ majority of​ it​ renovated before the​ funding started to​ run out, at​ which time they opened for​ business to​ offset some of​ the​ costs of​ ownership .​
as​ a​ result, all of​ the​ rooms, lobby and​ ballroom were completely renovated, while the​ restaurant was still in​ a​ sorry state .​
Since the​ ballroom was booked for​ events, I​ was hired to​ cater, using the​ kitchen in​ its un-renovated condition .​
the​ kitchen could handle an​ event every week, but wasn't ready for​ the​ business a​ new restaurant would bring .​
So, I​ took the​ job, set up shop in​ the​ kitchen and​ began catering every event that came through .​

Shortly after the​ hotel reopened, things started getting very busy .​
In addition to​ being full most of​ the​ time, people were booking events right and​ left .​
I​ was soon catering two or​ more events a​ week, with a​ schedule booked months in​ advance .​
What had started as​ a​ part time job was quickly turning into double overtime .​
They even expanded my floor staff and​ hired two full time assistants for​ the​ food preparation work, which I​ normally handled myself .​

Then, inevitably, the​ investors who owned the​ hotel decided it​ was time to​ renovate the​ restaurant .​
I​ was quickly told that I​ wouldn't be needed anymore .​
They would use an​ outside caterer who could bring food in .​
I​ really didn't want the​ business to​ end, and​ while commiserating over its inevitable demise with one of​ my staff members, he suggested I​ contact a​ restaurant supply company just to​ see what it​ would cost to​ set up shop on my own .​

This turned out to​ be one of​ the​ smartest moves I've ever made .​
My restaurant supply dealer practically guided me through what I​ would need and​ how I​ should go about setting up my equipment to​ maximize the​ amount of​ food I​ could produce .​
He was able to​ not only recommended the​ best equipment for​ my situation, but also gave me several tips on how I​ could save money and​ steered me away from some of​ the​ unnecessary equipment I​ thought I​ had to​ have .​
I​ don't think I​ would have even considered starting the​ business from scratch without his advice, considering my limited budget and​ lack of​ location.
As you might have guessed, I​ decided to​ take the​ risk and​ give it​ a​ try .​
It's now two years later and​ business is​ booming .​
I​ still thank my restaurant supply dealer every time I​ talk to​ him, because without his knowledge, I​ might never have taken the​ chance on myself and​ my business.

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