Restaurant Furniture In Your Home

Restaurant Furniture In Your Home

There’s a​ certain degree of​ nostalgia associated with booths from old diners and​ tables from old soda shops. They just give the​ aura of​ ‘good old days.’ if​ you dare to​ be different, you can bring those good old days back and​ incorporate them into your home décor by using restaurant furniture in​ your home.

Think how much fun it​ would be to​ have breakfast at​ a​ diner every morning. it​ can happen if​ you put a​ booth in​ your breakfast nook or​ dining area. Every lunch or​ dinner would be like a​ blue plate special! Or, treat your kids and​ their friends to​ banana splits and​ milk shakes at​ tables reminiscent of​ an​ old soda shop.

So you’re willing – but how do you go about finding such treasures? You could pay someone to​ custom design them for​ you. But where’s the​ fun in​ that? You could use an​ on line search in​ your quest by using key words like “used restaurant furniture” or​ “restaurant furniture.” Both key words will turn up a​ number of​ results.

But the​ fun way to​ find used restaurant furniture starts with scouring the​ classifieds of​ your local newspapers. Some actually carry a​ category called “Restaurant Equipment” or​ “Used Restaurant Equipment.” if​ not, search general merchandise and​ furniture for​ sale columns. Then, start looking for​ auctions. Your area newspapers will probably have a​ particular day of​ the​ week on which they run auction ads. Ask to​ find out when your paper runs its most of​ its auction ads. Look for​ restaurants going out of​ business, then read the​ list of​ items to​ be auctioned in​ the​ ad. if​ you see a​ piece of​ furniture that sounds promising, go check it​ out. if​ it​ is​ what you are looking for​ – or​ can easily become the​ perfect piece of​ furniture with minor modifications – start bidding. the​ auction process is​ fun and​ don’t be surprised if​ you get caught up in​ it. It’s always good to​ go into an​ auction with a​ budget of​ how much you will allow yourself to​ spend. Check out the​ items closely first before placing a​ big. Otherwise, you might pay too much for​ a​ furniture item that looked good from a​ distance but upon closer inspection you find cracks and​ other damage.

If you decide to​ go with a​ restaurant look with your furniture, you have many decorating options available to​ you. You could concentrate on a​ theme room with décor focusing on the​ theme, like breakfast, Coca-Cola or​ other brand names. Decorations ideas to​ accentuate your restaurant furniture might include old magazine ads for​ the​ theme product, old menus from restaurants, or​ labels from your favorite cans and​ boxes of​ food. You might even create a​ wall border using labels from canned foods!

Whether you incorporate one piece of​ restaurant furniture into your home or​ create your entire kitchen and​ dining area around a​ room full of​ it, you and​ your guests will always enjoy the​ novelty. After all, who doesn’t like going out to​ eat?

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