Restaurant Accommodation

Restaurant Accommodation

Your restaurant seats are highly important in​ dealing with accommodations for​ your restaurant. There could be a​ lot of​ people who would want to​ make reservations especially during Friday or​ Saturday nights but you have to​ make sure that you decide wisely on this.

Before deciding if​ you’re going to​ accept reservations of​ a​ big group for​ a​ Friday or​ Saturday night business, try to​ check your records first of​ the​ history of​ reservations you usually receive. if​ you don’t keep a​ record of​ this, make sure you do starting now.

The point here is​ that, you need to​ find out how much percentage each person from a​ large group can contribute to​ your bottom line during these times (especially that your restaurant can get full-packed) then, compare them to​ the​ smaller groups of​ reservation you receive during the​ same time. By doing this, you’d get a​ concrete estimation of​ how big your chances are going to​ be in​ earning more if​ you accept groups of​ 2 or​ 4 persons through walk-ins or​ reservations. if​ this is​ the​ case, you can now turn down the​ reservation for​ the​ larger group.

Don’t think just because a​ large group of​ diners who want to​ have reservation for​ your restaurant could already mean good profit. Make sure that you conduct a​ study of​ these matters before you make your final verdict. After all, what you’re trying to​ do is​ for​ the​ overall benefit for​ your income.

The opposite thing may happen as​ well. You could be expecting that a​ large group makes a​ reservation on a​ Friday or​ Saturday night and​ yet you get reservations for​ 2 or​ 4 persons. All you have to​ do is​ to​ take chances. You can never be too sure of​ what could happen on a​ night like this but if​ you continue to​ keep your restaurant records, you’ll realize that it​ would be okay not to​ rearrange your seating arrangement and​ yet, earn extra by utilizing what you already have in​ your restaurant.

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