Resellerspanel Launches Version 2 0 Of Its Control Panel And A New Web
Hosting Plan

Resellerspanel Launches Version 2 0 Of Its Control Panel And A New Web Hosting Plan

ResellersPanel, the​ free web hosting reseller program, announces that the​ new version of​ its Resellers Control Panel, simply named Resellers Panel v2, has been built, tested and​ launched. Some of​ the​ upgrades include better client management tools, a​ new Invoice Manager section, an​ improved statistics section with more details and​ an​ easier to​ work with main navigation menu with modified titles and​ descriptions of​ the​ different sections. Resellers Panel v2 now offers technical support through a​ new trouble ticket system, where the​ resellers can request help by opening a​ ticket or​ themselves provide direct support to​ their existing hosting customers.

New updates to​ the​ clients’ hosting control panel, which is​ now available also in​ Dutch, have been made as​ well. They include multi-year bulk domain registration and​ multi-domain registration/transfer options, PHP5 support, new Registrar-Lock Status/Obtain EPP Key/Invite a​ Friend options, an​ RSS news generator, which allows the​ hosting clients to​ add free news content onto their websites, and​ an​ SPF protection section where they can specify which computers are authorized to​ send email from a​ specific domain and​ thus ensure their internet privacy. Easy-to-understand help tooltips have been added as​ well so that if​ a​ given hosting client is​ not sure what a​ certain section of​ the​ control panel does, they can simply point the​ mouse over the​ respective icon and​ learn more.

ResellersPanel has also launched a​ new web hosting plan – the​ Enterprise plan, which is​ suitable for​ medium and​ large enterprises, as​ well as​ for​ web designers, webmasters and​ advanced internet users, and​ which offers 40 GB of​ Disk Space, 500 GB of​ Bandwidth, the​ ability to​ host unlimited domains, sub-domains, e-mails, databases and​ more. the​ Business and​ the​ Corporate plans have been improved as​ well so that the​ resellers and​ their clients can now host several domain names in​ a​ single account.

Nick Blaskov, CFO of​ ResellersPanel, said that the​ new version of​ the​ control panel offers a​ large selection of​ new options, which will help the​ reseller hosting entrepreneurs to​ more easily and​ successfully run their online businesses, that from now on their clients will be able to​ register up to​ 50 domain names at​ once and​ modify their MX records, and​ that ResellersPanel will continue the​ development of​ its hosting platform by introducing a​ server load balancing cluster technology for​ all hosting accounts, multi-currency pricing and​ payments support, and​ a​ new kind of​ parked domains management.

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