Reseller Web Hosting A Cheaper Alternative

Reseller Web Hosting A Cheaper Alternative

There comes a​ time when the​ internet bug hits us all and​ we tend
to acquire a​ wealth of​ domain names and​ web sites to​ feed our

We start out with the​ best intentions, set up a​ personal home
page with a​ few details about ourselves, then create more for​ our
family, then our business and​ before we know it​ we have several
domain names and​ web sites spread across several web hosting

A more convenient approach would be to​ set yourself up with a
reseller account with one hosting company.

Most people assume that to​ have a​ reseller account, you need to
be in​ the​ business of​ selling hosting. This is​ not true. Anyone
can set up a​ reseller account and​ enjoy the​ benefits of​ saving
money and​ also having the​ convenience of​ only dealing with one
company for​ all your hosting needs.

I'll take my hosting reseller as
an example. They provide a​ very competitive reseller account
priced at​ $35. Their Reseller's Package allows you to​ host 100
Domains. You are allowed to​ give every Domain you host up to
20GB's of​ monthly transfer and​ up to​ 2.5GB of​ storage.

Previously I had over ten domain names and​ associated web sites
that were costing me around $5 - $10 a​ month to​ host. the​ average
months hosting costs were around $50 - $60. Therefore, by setting
up a​ reseller account and​ transferring my domains and​ web sites
over to​ my reseller account I made an​ instant saving of​ $15 a

Now, another extension of​ this would be to​ start selling hosting
to your friends, after all, you have a​ reseller account. So if
you have ten friends, ask them if​ they would like web hosting on
your server, maybe offer it​ free to​ them and​ ask them to
recommend your services to​ their friends, these can then become
"paying" customers. Now YOU can get people to​ pay for​ hosting and
make back the​ monthly reseller fee. Just sell ten accounts for​ $3
a month and​ you have instant income of​ $30 to​ offset the​ $35
reseller fee you are paying. So you get hosting for​ $5 a​ month
for as​ many domains and​ sites as​ you like.

So, with the​ reseller account you have helped yourself, helped
your friends, and​ possibly started making money as​ well.

Reseller Web Hosting A Cheaper Alternative

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