Research Results In New Drugs And Cancer Treatments

Research Results In New Drugs And Cancer Treatments

There may be new hope for​ many cancer patients, their caregivers and​ loved ones.

That's because America's research-based pharmaceutical companies are today developing nearly 400 new medicines to​ treat cancer, according to​ a​ survey of​ ongoing research conducted by the​ Pharmaceutical Research and​ Manufacturers of​ America (PhRMA).

Many of​ the​ medicines now in​ development represent potential breakthrough cancer treatments, while others involve possible new uses for​ existing medicines.

The medicines in​ development are all either in​ clinical trials or​ under review by the​ Food and​ Drug Administration. They include:

• 62 for​ lung cancer, the​ leading cause of​ cancer death in​ the​ United States;

• 49 for​ breast cancer, which is​ expected to​ strike more than 200,000 American women this year;

• 50 for​ prostate cancer, which is​ expected to​ kill more than 30,000 American men this year; and​

• 35 for​ colorectal cancer, the​ third most common cancer in​ both men and​ women in​ the​ U.S.

Other potential medicines target kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer and​ others. in​ addition, companies are working on new treatments to​ improve the​ quality of​ life for​ people undergoing cancer treatment.

"Anyone fighting cancer or​ anyone who has beaten it​ knows the​ importance of​ these medicines and​ this research," said Billy Tauzin, PhRMA president and​ CEO who is​ also a​ cancer survivor. "Sometimes, the​ hope that one of​ these new medicines will work for​ you is​ what keeps you fighting the​ disease."

Recent cancer research efforts have resulted in​ several new treatments. for​ example, a​ medicine to​ treat metastatic colorectal cancer is​ the​ first treatment approved that prevents the​ formation of​ new blood vessels that provide tumors with oxygen and​ nutrients. There's also a​ medicine for​ the​ treatment of​ nonsmall-cell lung cancer that inhibits the​ formation and​ growth of​ tumor cells.

Research into possible new cancer cures and​ treatments is​ today being conducted by as​ many as​ 178 biopharmaceutical companies as​ well as​ by the​ National Cancer Institute.

The Pharmaceutical Research and​ Manufacturers of​ America represents the​ country's leading pharmaceutical research and​ biotechnology companies.

Research Results In New Drugs And Cancer Treatments

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