Rescue Remedy For Financial Problems In A Marriage

Rescue Remedy For Financial Problems In A Marriage

With personal / family debt levels continually rising the pressure on marriages in​ continually increasing with nearly half of​ married couples arguing over financial issues, which makes financial problems in​ a​ marriage one of​ the main common marriage problems.

As the saying goes ‘money is​ what makes the world go round’ and not being able to​ spend money on the things you want to​ spend it​ on significantly increases the levels of​ stress in​ a​ relationship.

It is​ particularly hard when couples:

• first get together after having it​ easy living at​ home,
• have only had to​ think about number one in​ the past,
• have a​ new baby to​ consider,
• have been used to​ good incomes and are then hit by hard times or
• have just let their finances get out of​ control.

Having enough money to​ spend is​ important and it​ is​ so easy for spending to​ get out of​ control. I know so many people who just spend and spend, leave nothing for a​ rainy day and get deeper and deeper into debt. They often look at​ me and wonder why I don’t have any financial issues, well that one’s easy, I have never spent more than what I have earned and never spend all the money I have. I always keep a​ little back and it​ avoids all the stress when that unexpected bill comes in!

When money is​ short stress levels rise and with increased stress levels comes the constant bickering, the blame culture and other relationship issues start to​ arise. Financial problems in​ a​ marriage just compound marital problems and small things that were never previously an​ issue start to​ come to​ a​ head.

When husband and wife do not have the same opinions as​ far as​ the family finances are concerned, financial problems in​ a​ marriage become a​ far greater issue. Partners need to​ understand that personal finances need to​ be managed, expenditure planned and bills met even in​ harder times. They need to​ learn to​ focus on the real issue at​ hand, which is​ money, and not start picking at​ other aspects of​ the marriage which wouldn’t have previously been a​ problem.

I’m not saying it’s easy, trying to​ get your spouse to​ curb their spending habits is​ difficult especially when you can’t see light at​ the end of​ the tunnel but, if​ you don’t take control of​ your finances the problem will just escalate and escalate until it​ is​ totally out of​ control.

You have to​ stop living beyond your means, take control of​ your finances now and make sure you understand what cash is​ coming in​ and what is​ going out. Write it​ down, see it​ in​ black and white and then eliminate as​ much of​ the unnecessary expenditure as​ you can possibly cope with.

Consolidate any loans you may have but look at​ the small print, don’t go to​ companies that are going to​ rip you off, make sure you shop around. Choosing the wrong loan can be extremely costly and mean more time paying it​ off. Every penny spent on interest is​ money that could have been yours to​ do with as​ you please!

Set your budget so you can cover repayments plus a​ bit more (contingency), find ways to​ cut back and stick to​ it. if​ you can cope with paying the loan back quicker then do it. it​ may be hard in​ the short term but in​ the longer term it​ delivers exceptional rewards. Remember, higher repayments means less interest and more money in​ your pocket at​ the end of​ time!

Oh! and if​ you want to​ resolve financial problems in​ a​ marriage don’t forget one golden rule that will sort your finances out that much quicker - limit credit cards, if​ you have to​ have one then limit it​ to​ the one and always, and I mean always clear the balance at​ the end of​ the month.

Don’t leave debt on your credit card unless of​ course its 0% finance – remember 0% means money in​ your pocket. Again don’t get caught out by the small print and end up paying interest on everything you buy thereafter – transfer your balance onto a​ new card, make use of​ the 0% finance but don’t buy anything else using that card.

If you can’t stick to​ the rules and only spend what you can easily clear at​ the end of​ each month rip up every card you have. Don’t increase the amount you owe!!

If you want to​ save your marriage resolve those financial problems before they take over your life.

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