Repairing Household Cleaning Equipment

Repairing Household Cleaning Equipment

One thing we probably don’t stop to​ think about everyday in​ terms or​ our home is​ cleaning equipment repair. of​ course as​ soon as​ something doesn’t work right, then the​ subject comes to​ mind. the​ best way to​ avoid having to​ fix something is​ to​ take care of​ it​ in​ the​ first place.

For example most of​ us have floor or​ bathtub cleaners and/ or​ “stand-up” dust pans with screw on handles. if​ we happen to​ break the​ handle, rather than throwing the​ whole implement away, it​ costs less and​ is​ easier on the​ environment to​ replace the​ handle (#820, #803 Fuller One Piece Steel Handle). Cleaning equipment repair is​ more responsible than treating everything we own as​ disposable. in​ fact, this is​ something we should add to​ our list of​ helpful household hints.

Many companies are coming out with flimsy cleaning implements that can easily be thrown away. They try to​ appeal to​ consumers by saying these items will make their household cleaning schedules go more quickly. When you stop and​ think about it, cleaning is​ cleaning. it​ makes more sense to​ use sturdy tools and​ practice cleaning equipment repair. for​ one thing our landfills are overflowing and​ it’s silly to​ run to​ the​ store every month to​ buy something that would last for​ years if​ we just take good care of​ it.

Planning Your Time

These days it​ seems we’re all so busy that we don’t know where the​ days even go. We get up on Monday morning, get the​ kids off to​ school, and​ head to​ work. the​ next thing we know, it’s Friday and​ we don’t know where the​ week went. Week-ends fly by, and​ we’re back at​ Monday already. Somewhere in​ that blur, we need to​ do some cleaning. It’s helpful and​ smart to​ create household cleaning schedules. Using this technique, it​ will be easier to​ stay on top of​ our chores. Part of​ the​ routine should be cleaning equipment repair.

If we keep everything in​ top working order all the​ time, we won’t have to​ stop and​ order a​ part or​ take something to​ be repaired. a​ simple example is​ to​ keep an​ extra vacuum cleaner belt on hand. That way if​ you’re vacuuming one day and​ the​ belt breaks, you’ll be able to​ just put on the​ new one. This is​ an​ instance of​ thinking ahead about cleaning equipment repair. You can find a​ lot of​ books and​ websites offering helpful household hints, but most of​ them forget this important idea.

Outdoor Cleaning

Not all of​ the​ routine cleaning on our household cleaning schedules is​ inside the​ house. Although we may not do it​ each week, we definitely should keep the​ outside of​ our homes and​ the​ surrounding areas neat and​ tidy. This includes windows, patios and​ decks, siding, yards, and​ of​ course our cars and​ driveways. Not only do we feel a​ sense of​ pride when we put our helpful household hints to​ use outdoors, but our neighbors appreciate living in​ a​ tidy neighborhood. Once again it’s just as​ important to​ keep ahead of​ the​ game by maintaining cleaning equipment repair.

Outdoor cleaning presents some variables that we may not find inside the​ home. if​ we have a​ two-story house for​ instance, the​ windows and​ side walls will call for​ a​ squeegee with a​ long handle. Probably the​ ladder will have to​ come out as​ well.

Once again cleaning equipment repair is​ important. We may want to​ add a​ longer handle to​ the​ squeegee head or​ put another squeegee on an​ existing handle (Fuller #808 Adjustable Telescopic Handle). No matter what chore we’re attacking, we write our household cleaning schedules for​ a​ good reason. We want to​ be well organized and​ finish our tasks as​ efficiently and​ quickly as​ possible.

Car Care

In addition to​ the​ inside and​ outside of​ the​ house, we also need to​ put some focus on our cars. the​ price of​ automobiles has gone through the​ roof. in​ many cases that means we’ll be driving them longer. Even if​ we’re able to​ buy a​ new one every year, we still need to​ keep them clean and​ in​ good working order. Most of​ us spend hours and​ hours each week in​ our cars and​ there’s no good reason for​ them to​ be messy and​ dirty.

Washing a​ car is​ good for​ the​ finish. With so much pollution in​ the​ air, it’s constantly being bombarded by harsh chemicals. Use mild eco-friendly soap and​ a​ soft brush made specifically for​ auto paint. Something else you should add to​ your list of​ helpful household hints is​ to​ turn the​ water off while you’re not actually hosing the​ car. You can also attach a​ nozzle that only activates the​ water when you push on it.

In the​ spirit of​ cleaning equipment repair, you can keep the​ same handle and​ change the​ brush head when it​ starts to​ wear out (Fuller Brush#227 Vehicle Wash Brush Replacement Head).

With just a​ little bit of​ planning ahead, we can make all of​ our cleaning activities go smoothly.

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