Reorganize Your Time To Accommodate Your 2006 Business Start Up

Reorganize Your Time To Accommodate Your 2006 Business Start Up

Reorganize Your Time To Accommodate Your 2006 Business Start Up
Almost everyone wants or​ needs more money coming in​ (especially now!),​ and with this desire most would like to​ start some sort of​ extra income-producing project .​
It’s a​ big step to​ give up the​ trudge to​ the​ day-job and not all of​ you can afford to​ jack it​ all in​ and start your home-based business idea.
The only alternative is​ to​ start your home business whilst keeping your current job .​
The trouble is,​ not many people can fit a​ second job into their time schedules.
It’s true that most people are busy,​ but extra time for some sort of​ home-based extra income-producing project can almost always be found .​
It may mean giving up or​ changing a​ few of​ your favourite pastimes - such as​ having a​ couple of​ beers with the​ guys or​ watching TV - but if​ you score big with your extra income project,​ you will have all the​ time you want for doing whatever you want to​ do.
The first thing to​ do is​ to​ sit down with pencil and paper and list your daily schedule .​
What time do you wake up? Then step-by-step,​ list everything you do each day .​
Most people will find that they have about three hours each day that can be utilized in​ a​ more constructive or​ efficient manner .​
As we’ve noted above,​ you may have to​ give up the​ time you waste in​ your local pub or​ a​ few television programs you watch,​ but it​ will be worth it​ in​ the​ long run.
Efficient time management boils down to​ planning what you’re going to​ do,​ and then doing it​ without backtracking .​
Start by making a​ list of​ the​ things you want to​ do tomorrow,​ each evening before you go to​ bed .​
Schedule your trips to​ the​ store or​ wherever to​ coincide with the​ other things you have to​ do,​ and with your trips to​ or​ from work .​
Organize your trips to​ take care of​ as​ many things as​ possible while you’re out of​ the​ house .​
Take stock of​ the​ time you spend standing around shooting the​ breeze - especially the​ time you spend on​ the​ telephone - and eliminate all that isn’t necessary.
Whatever chores you have to​ do at​ home,​ set aside a​ specific time to​ do them,​ and a​ specific amount of​ time to​ devote to​ them .​
For instance,​ just one hour a​ day devoted to​ yard work would probably make your property the​ envy of​ all your neighbours .​
Don’t try to​ do a​ week’s work in​ one big flurry .​
Whether it’s painting your house,​ fixing leaky pipes,​ or​ mowing your lawn and trimming your shrubs,​ do a​ part of​ it,​ or​ one particular job each day,​ and you’ll be amazed at​ your progress.
Take care of​ all your mail the​ day you receive it .​
Don’t let those bills and letters pile up on​ you .​
If you’re unable to​ pay a​ bill immediately,​ file it​ in​ a​ special place that’s visible,​ and note on​ the​ envelope the​ date you intend to​ pay it .​
Answer your letters the​ same day you get them.
The important thing is​ to​ think of​ time as​ your most valuable asset,​ because it​ is​ .​
So organize! Decide what you have to​ do,​ and what you want to​ do .​
From there,​ it’s just a​ matter of​ arranging priorities.
Once you start listing and planning what you want to​ do,​ and then carry out your plans,​ you’ll find plenty of​ extra time for handling virtually any kind of​ home-based income-producing project .​
People in​ general may not like routines or​ schedules,​ but without some sort of​ plan as​ to​ what is​ supposed to​ be done,​ the​ world would be mired in​ mass confusion
Laws,​ ordinances and regulations are for the​ purpose of​ guiding people .​
We live according to​ an​ accepted plan or​ way of​ life,​ and the​ better we​ can organize ourselves,​ the​ more productive and happy we​ become.
The secret of​ all financially successful people is​ simply that they are organized and do not waste time .​
Think about it .​
Review your own activities,​ and then see if​ you can’t find a​ couple of​ extra hours in​ each day for more constructive accomplishments.
When you begin planning,​ and then when you really become involved in​ an​ extra in​ come-producing endeavour,​ you should work it​ exactly as​ you have organized your regular day-to-day activities - on​ a​ time-efficient basis .​
Do what has to​ be done immediately .​
Don’t try to​ get done in​ an​ hour something that’s realistically going to​ take a​ week .​
Plan out on​ paper what you have to​ do - what you want to​ do - and when you are going to​ do it .​
Then get right on​ each project without procrastination.
Finally,​ and above all else,​ when you’re organizing your time and your business,​ be sure to​ set aside some time for relaxation .​
Be sure to​ schedule time when you and your spouse can be together .​
You must not involve yourself in​ anything to​ an​ extent that you exclude other people - particularly your loved ones - from your life.
Taking stock of​ the​ time you waste each day,​ and from there,​ reorganizing your activities is​ what it’s all about .​
It’s a​ matter of​ becoming more efficient in​ the​ use of​ your time .​
It’s really easy to​ do,​ and you will not only accomplish a​ lot more,​ you will also find greater fulfilment in​ your life.
Here’s to​ a​ successful new home-based business in​ 2006
Best Regards
~~ Dawn Robertshaw~~

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