Renting Audio Visual Equipment

Renting Audio Visual Equipment

One of​ the​ most basic “must haves” of​ any event where presentations are made before a​ group of​ people is​ the​ availability of​ the​ appropriate audio visual equipment. Be it​ inside a​ conference room where there are 10-12 participants, a​ small seminar venue where there are 20-40 people eager to​ learn from you, or​ an​ auditorium where a​ crowd of​ 300 or​ so have gathered to​ listen to​ your whitepaper on the​ evolution of​ the​ widget. Having the​ right audio video equipment takes away the​ need to​ strain your voice just to​ be heard (try doing that in​ an​ auditorium!), or​ pass out multiple copies of​ what you want to​ present, and​ encourages focus and​ interaction, thereby significantly enhancing the​ experience.

If you hold presentations on a​ regular basis for​ small groups in​ a​ small venue, then it​ might make sense for​ you to​ invest in​ basic audio visual equipment (i.e., a​ multimedia projector, laptop computer, and​ a​ simple sound system), which should not cost you too much. However, if​ your presentation events are, for​ example, just a​ couple or​ so times per year, in​ venues that are in​ excess of​ a​ sitting capacity of​ 100, then the​ option for​ investment on the​ appropriate audio visual equipment does not really make dollar sense. This is​ especially true when your audience size varies from event to​ event. Obviously, as​ your venue and​ crowd become bigger, the​ bigger your investment in​ audio visual equipment will be, and​ this is​ not limited just to​ the​ hardware. in​ big venues, there is​ a​ also a​ need for​ technicians to​ maintain and​ operate the​ equipment to​ ensure that these will not bog down (and if​ they do, will not be down for​ long) during the​ event proper.

One viable option that you may want to​ consider in​ scenarios like these is​ to​ rent the​ audio visual equipment you will need for​ your event. That way, you can focus on the​ real purpose of​ your event (i.e., the​ presentation) and​ not worry about such details before, during, and​ after your event. in​ case you are charging for​ the​ event (which you most likely are if​ you are into live event management as​ a​ profession, for​ example) renting allows you to​ avoid depreciation and​ maintenance costs that are part and​ parcel of​ the​ investment option.

When renting audio visual equipment, make sure that your supplier has a​ good track record in​ this kind of​ business. While you may be able to​ find suppliers who give low rental rates, you might find out the​ hard way that the​ reason they are so cheap is​ that they do not really know what they are doing, do not have back-up equipment on standby in​ case of​ emergencies, do not have the​ flexibility to​ handle other last-minute issues that normally hound events, and​ so on and​ so forth. Getting a​ reliable supplier goes a​ long way in​ ensuring that your audience will see what it​ is​ you are showing and​ hear what it​ is​ you are saying as​ clearly as​ possible.

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