Remote Cctv Monitoring Service Give Peace Of Mind That Your Critical
Network Devices

Remote Cctv Monitoring Service Give Peace Of Mind That Your Critical Network Devices

Remote CCTV Monitoring service give peace of​ mind that your critical network devices
Remote monitoring allows you to​ make huge cost savings by reducing or​ even eliminating the​ need for​ on-site security personnel .​
It also allows you to​ provide the​ 24/7 authentication required for​ Police response to​ intruder situations .​
Whether CCTV is​ installed secretly or​ openly, modern digital communication technology enables SMS to​ monitor the​ situation anywhere in​ the​ world .​
Using telemetry, control can be maintained over cameras, lights, gates indeed any building management function .​
CCTV monitoring falls into two categories, reactive or​ proactive and​ both require a​ different level of​ service.
Reactive CCTV monitoring involves alarm detection on site which initiates a​ picture transmission to​ the​ monitoring centre .​
Depending on the​ requirements and​ the​ situation the​ alarm is​ dispatched to​ a​ response agency.
Proactive monitoring is​ real time, for​ example city centre or​ high street locations .​
In this instance the​ operator is​ constantly reviewing the​ location and​ informing security or​ the​ emergency services to​ dangerous situations.
In both types of​ monitoring there is​ recorded evidence of​ what was seen and​ often this is​ used to​ assist the​ police in​ their enquiries .​
Historical evidence is​ used to​ supplement non related incidents, enabling the​ police to​ build a​ case.
CCTV in​ the​ public sector is​ governed by the​ data protection act and​ the​ human rights act, it​ is​ there to​ protect the​ benefit of​ the​ public not to​ spy on them.
CCTV is​ also used to​ supplement intruder alarm systems to​ provide confirmation that there is​ someone on site and​ that the​ alarm received is​ not false .​
All Coverer’s Remote Monitoring service give you peace of​ mind that your critical network devices such as​ your servers, routers, firewall and​ network services such as​ email, web and​ backup are running smoothly.

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