Rely On Experts When Using Online Information

Rely On Experts When Using Online Information

Increasingly, savvy homeowners are making the Web their first stop when taking on a​ home improvement project. There are websites that, with the click of​ a​ mouse, can detail everything from caulking to​ landscaping to​ hiring a​ pest professional for an​ annual inspection. It's important, however, to​ make sure you are getting useful and accurate information.

According to​ James and Morris Carey-nationally recognized experts on home building and renovation, and hosts of​ the syndicated radio show "On The House"-the key is​ to​ select a​ few reliable websites to​ serve as​ guides.

"The Internet can be both a​ help and a​ hindrance," warns James. "It can be downright time-consuming to​ comb through the dizzying number of​ sites that are out there. So, it's absolutely critical to​ rely on the quality of​ information a​ site has to​ offer, in​ addition to​ educated recommendations from reliable home improvement experts."

The Carey Bros. advise keeping the following websites a​ click away:

• For the DIY-minded consumer, this website hosts a​ large assortment of​ great tips and quick fixes. Easy to​ maneuver, it​ includes step-by-step pictures for each tip, a​ resource that's quite helpful for first-time projects.

• Ideal for decorating, remodeling, gardening and crafts, this website has educational and engaging video tutorials and inspirational content to​ challenge ambitious homeowners.

• The official website of​ the Carey Bros., this website is​ host to​ over 20 years of​ seasoned home improvement expertise, updated daily with fresh content.

Says James, "We're fortunate enough to​ share the tried and true and the latest and greatest home improvement tips and trends with our audience."

• There are some projects that even seasoned homeowners should leave to​ the pros, and termite defense is​ one of​ them. Recently featured in​ The New York Times as​ a​ premier termite consumer education resource, provides a​ complete, simple tutorial on termites-how to​ rid your home of​ them, as​ well as​ prevent them.

Rely On Experts When Using Online Information

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