Relocate To The North Carolina Mountains A Guide To Western North
Carolina Real Estate

Relocate To The North Carolina Mountains A Guide To Western North Carolina Real Estate

Relocate to​ the​ North Carolina Mountains a​ Guide to​ Western North Carolina Real Estate
If youve always wanted to​ relocate to​ the​ mountains, consider a​ move to​ Black Mountain, North Carolina. Black Mountain offers prime Western North Carolina real estate at​ affordable prices, whether you want secluded acreage with streams, hills and​ forests or​ a​ community where neighbors reside just a​ little closer. Black Mountain offers the​ best of​ both worlds.
Black Mountain the​ city is​ a​ small town with just under about 8,000 people. the​ average age of​ residents is​ 43. the​ average median household income was estimated in​ 2018 at​ $39,300 with the​ average home value being $133,400. Black Mountain is​ located just 16 miles from Asheville, NC. Many residents commute to​ work in​ Asheville or​ surrounding areas. Asheville real estate is​ also a​ popular choice for​ those seeking a​ mountainous residence.
Other cities near Black Mountain include Montreat NC, Swannanoa NC, Fairview NC, and​ Lake Lure NC.
Local Schools and​ Other Points of​ Interest in​ Black Mountain
Black Mountain area schools include Charles D. Owen High for​ grades nine through twelve with approximately 878 students, Black Mountain Primary with about 433 students, and​ Black Mountain Elementary with about 239 students. There are several private schools as​ well. Nearby colleges include Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, University of​ North Carolina at​ Asheville, and​ Spartanburg Technical College.
Black Mountain Industry
The most common industries in​ Black Mountain for​ males include construction, food services and​ accommodation, health care, educational services, public administration, textile, and​ food and​ beverage stores. for​ women, the​ most common industries of​ employment include food services, educational services, health care, professional and​ technical services, religious or​ civic professions, public administration, and​ insurance and​ finance.
Popular Real Estate Secure a​ Lot or​ Home Now
Asheville and​ surrounding areas were chosen by AARP in​ 2018 as​ one of​ the​ top 15 Dream Towns, and​ also by Money Advisor as​ one of​ the​ five best places to​ retire. Recognition in​ these national publications has sparked tremendous interest in​ the​ area since that time, and​ mountain home seekers have been flocking to​ tour the​ homes and​ land lots in​ great numbers. Supply and​ demand has caused a​ tremendous increase in​ land and​ home values, but now is​ still a​ good time to​ invest in​ Western North Carolina real estate. Prices are still reasonable, but may not be within a​ few years.
Real Estate and​ Land for​ Sale in​ Black Mountain
Whether youre seeking mountainous acreage where you can build your own dream home or​ seeking a​ home, cottage, or​ cabin thats already complete, Black Mountain real estate agents can show you a​ variety of​ settings and​ homes. Like many Western North Carolina real estate areas, the​ homes and​ properties in​ Black Mountain come in​ different sizes, shapes, and​ with various scenes of​ natures beauty.
If seeking mountainous lots for​ sale, Asheville, Black Mountain, and​ surrounding towns provide a​ great starting point. Utilize online resources to​ view home listings, lots for​ sale, Black Mountain real estate pricing, and​ more.

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