Regcure Registry Cleaner Review

Regcure Registry Cleaner Review
We wanted to​ run a​ series of​ tests on the new RegCure 2018 Registry Cleaner to​ see how effective it​ was at​ removing registry errors and improving PC performance.
Our test system was an​ athlon based system running windows XP professional SP2, which conveniently enough had never had a​ registry scan performed on it​ before...
RegCure Successfully scanned and found problems in​ the following registry categories: COM/ActiveX Entries, Uninstall Entries, Font Entries, Shared DLLs, Application Paths, Help Files Information, Windows Startup Items, File/Path References, Program Shortcuts, Empty Registry Keys and File Associations.
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RegCure completed its registry scan on our test system in​ just under 3 minutes, and found a​ total of​ 822 errors .​
It also the speed and efficiency of​ our computer by a​ measurable 15% (test video of​ RegCure can be seen on our website link below), the results were very noticeable.
Removal of​ detected items was simple, and you had the option of​ going down the list manually and only checking those Registry items for removal that you wanted .​
RegCure also featured an​ Ignore List: After a​ scan you can add detected items to​ the Ignore list .​
In these instances, RegCure does not remove the item and it​ will be ignored during upcoming scans.
RegCure also came equipped with scheduling functionality so that your windows registry is​ scanned automatically on a​ regular basis .​
Once certain of​ your scan settings you can set up one or​ more schedules to​ automate the scanning and removal process .​
We found this feature particulalry useful during our review of​ RegCure .​
What RegCure Did For Our Computer
-Eliminated Annoying Registry Errors
-No More Blue Screen of​ Death!
-Increased Our PC Performance By a​ substantial 15%!
-Allowed us to​ Manage Our Windows Startup Programs
-Ran automatically and silently in​ the background with the Built in​ scheduler
-Automatically Backed-up Registry settings before fixing or​ removing errors
-Compressed and Defraged our Registry

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