Red Meat Consumption Doubles Risk Of Colon Cancer Says Study Is It Time
To Go Vegetarian Yet

Red Meat Consumption Doubles Risk Of Colon Cancer Says Study Is It Time To Go Vegetarian Yet

Red meat consumption doubles risk of​ colon cancer, says study; is​ it​ time to​ go vegetarian yet?
A current study published in​ the​ Journal of​ the​ American Medical Association shows a​ doubling of​ the​ risk of​ colon cancer for​ people who are heavy consumers of​ red meat. More specifically, it​ shows that the​ risk doubles compared to​ those who consume smaller quantities of​ red meat. But how does this compare to​ people who consume no red meat at​ all?
This is​ conjecture, but Im willing to​ bet that heavy consumers of​ red meat probably have quadruple the​ risk or​ more of​ colon cancer compared to​ vegetarians or​ people who consume no red meat. By the​ way, you dont have to​ be a​ vegetarian to​ boycott red meat. You can still be a​ consumer of​ other sources of​ animal protein fish, seafood, etc. while avoiding red meat.
There are plenty of​ health reasons to​ avoid eating red meat, and​ a​ higher risk of​ colon cancer is​ just one of​ them. the​ saturated animal fat found in​ red meat products contributes to​ heart disease and​ atherosclerosis. in​ addition, red meat can contain contaminants such as​ heavy metals, pesticides and​ undesirable environmental pollutants that tend to​ collect in​ the​ fat tissues of​ cows, which are absorbed into your body when you eat cow fat. and​ you cant eat red meat without getting some animal fat.
Then, of​ course, theres what I ​ call the​ vibration of​ red meat, which concerns the​ homeopathy of​ the​ meat, or​ the​ environment in​ which the​ cow was raised. Was it​ a​ natural environment? Did the​ cow have access to​ open fields, sunlight and​ clean water? or​ was this a​ cow raised as​ part of​ a​ slaughterhouse operation, produced for​ the​ sole purpose of​ generating profits? if​ you eat cows meat that has undergone that kind of​ experience, you are consuming a​ product that is​ tainted with the​ negative experience of​ the​ animal from which it​ came.
There are a​ lot of​ negative effects associated with the​ consumption of​ red meat, and​ this is​ why more and​ more people are now giving up red meat and​ moving to​ healthier foods like fish, freerange chicken, or​ better yet, plantbased proteins like spirulina or​ soy products like soy milk and​ tofu. This is​ where youll get your best protective effect and​ disease prevention, and​ you will be helping protect the​ environment at​ the​ same time. After all, its far less stressful on the​ environment to​ produce food as​ plants than as​ animals.
It takes 10 acres to​ produce the​ same amount of​ red meat protein as​ it​ does to​ produce one acre of​ soy beans. and​ producing spirulina yields a​ tenfold increase over the​ production of​ soybeans. So think about it​ one acre of​ farmland used to​ produce spirulina can produce 100 times as​ much protein as​ beef and​ red meat. That will be very important to​ realize as​ our world population grows and​ it​ becomes increasingly difficult to​ produce the​ protein required by the​ population.
These are all reasons to​ avoid an animalbased diet and​ pursue a​ plantbased diet. Many people reading this are already following a​ plantbased diet, but some of​ you who might be considering making the​ change probably arent sure exactly how to​ do it.
Perhaps you want to​ merely reduce your consumption of​ red meat but not give it​ up completely yet, which is​ fine, since thats the​ way all of​ us exmeateaters got into plantbased diets to​ begin with. Few people ate more meat than I ​ did because I ​ grew up in​ an environment where we had all the​ red meat we wanted at​ no charge my grandfather was a​ cattle rancher. We had a​ freezer full of​ red meat at​ all times, and​ we could have as​ much hamburger, steak or​ other cuts of​ meat as​ we wanted. I ​ consumed large quantities of​ red meat for​ nearly 30 years.
I found the​ transition away from red meat to​ be difficult at​ first. I ​ started consuming less of​ it​ and​ eating other meat alternatives, and​ pretty soon I ​ began to​ view red meat in​ a​ different way, because if​ you eat less of​ it, you eventually start to​ lose your appetite for​ it. and​ within less than a​ year, any time I ​ would see red meat at​ the​ grocery store, it​ would gross me out. I ​ look at​ it​ and​ I ​ realize what it​ is​ a​ chunk of​ flesh sliced off the​ carcass of​ a​ living creature that has been ground up and​ stuffed into a​ box. Usually theres some blood running around in​ the​ container as​ well. Every time I ​ would look at​ that I ​ would get grossed out and​ think to​ myself, Gee, is​ this really what I ​ want to​ eat for​ the​ rest of​ my life? This sliced up chunk of​ a​ dead cow? and​ the​ answer was, No. So it​ didnt take very long before I ​ didnt want any red meat, and​ now I ​ cant imagine eating it.
Thats one way to​ get rid of​ red meat in​ your diet, but there are many other ways and​ I ​ encourage you to​ experiment and​ see how youd like to​ approach it. But the​ bottom line on red meat is​ that there is​ an increasing body of​ evidence supporting the​ notion that you can prevent cancer by pursuing a​ plantbased diet. if​ you want to​ be healthy, its time to​ join the​ vegetarians. Maybe even join the​ vegans, if​ you have the​ courage.
Think about limiting or​ eliminating your consumption of​ red meat and​ instead nourish your body with the​ phytonutrients, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and​ even the​ living energy of​ plants. Thats how youll be the​ healthiest you can be.

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