Reconditioned Xerox Imaging Equipment Is Easier To Buy Rent Or Lease

Reconditioned Xerox Imaging Equipment Is Easier To Buy Rent Or Lease

Reconditioned Xerox Imaging Equipment is​ Easier to​ Buy, Rent or​ Lease
Fortunately there are a​ few equipment manufacturers in​ the​ world whose products are so well made, you can trust a​ reconditioned model to​ be a​ cost effective way of​ getting all the​ features and​ performance of​ a​ new model .​
the​ advantage for​ businesses like yours is​ you have the​ opportunity to​ buy, rent or​ lease premium brand equipment at​ non-premium brand prices.
Xerox builds its digital printer and​ copier equipment to​ the​ highest industry standards .​
Their customer service is​ unrivalled .​
the​ result is​ that previously owned Xerox printing equipment is​ among the​ most reliable equipment, new or​ used, available for​ purchase, rent or​ lease.
There is​ reliable reconditioned Xerox equipment available over their entire model range .​
Whether you need digital printing presses for​ a​ large print shop, or​ a​ printer/scanner/copier for​ a​ small office, there are options for​ you to​ have Xerox equipment where you work .​
Just as​ there is​ a​ reconditioned Xerox machine to​ suit your purposes, there are financing options to​ suit your budget .​
Whether you want to​ buy, rent or​ lease, you can find a​ plan that works to​ allow you to​ have a​ Xerox much more quickly than you thought possible.
A reconditioned Xerox machine also makes it​ easier for​ existing Xerox users to​ move up to​ a​ model with the​ features they need .​
Even better, when they move up, they will be able to​ sell their old Xerox equipment and​ make the​ move more affordable.
The option to​ acquire reconditioned Xerox equipment is​ so popular, Xerox has set strict standards for​ the​ reconditioning process .​
Your Xerox-approved reconditioned machine, whether purchased, leased or​ rented, can be covered by Xerox’s machine service agreements.
Not every reconditioned Xerox reseller meets Xerox’s standard for​ reconditioning .​
You need to​ be careful that the​ reconditioned Xerox equipment you get for​ your company is​ from a​ Xerox-approved reconditioning specialist.
CanAm imaging is​ committed to​ being your supplier of​ choice for​ reconditioned Xerox imaging machines .​
With a​ 40,000 sq .​
ft., reconditioning facility, we are able to​ offer you the​ Xerox machine you need with the​ financing option you want .​
CanAm is​ a​ Gold Level Xerox Value reseller and​ our reconditioned Xerox imaging products exceeds Xerox’s standards for​ reconditioning.

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