Recipes For Dry Skin Care Using Herbs And Essentials Oils

Recipes For Dry Skin Care Using Herbs And Essentials Oils

Recipes for​ Dry Skin Care Using Herbs and​ Essentials Oils
Dry skin is​ generally due to​ less oil and​ moisture produced by sebaceous glands . ​
Simple dry skin results from lack of​ natural oils affecting mostly women under age of​ 35 years,​ while complex dry skin lacks both oil and​ moisture and​ is​ distinguished by fine lines,​ enlarged pores and​ sagging skin that happens with aging . ​
Alternatively,​ dry skin could be results from genetic condition,​ poor diet especially deficiencies of​ vitamin a​ and​ the​ B vitamins,​ exposure to​ environmental factors such sun,​ wind,​ or​ aggressive usage of​ chemicals,​ cosmetics and​ excessive bathing with harsh soaps . ​

To name a​ few essential oils for​ dry skin are Chamomile,​ Geranium,​ Hyssop,​ Lavender,​ Patchouli,​ Rose,​ Sandalwood and​ YlangYlang . ​

Aloe Vera gel applied topically helps to​ remove dead skin cells and​ is​ soothing,​ healing and​ moisturizing . ​

Calendula & comfrey with its skin softening properties are used in​ facial sauna . ​

4 5 drops of​ lavender oil to​ bath water followed by application of​ diluted evening primrose oil or​ Aloe Vera cream moistens the​ dry skin . ​

Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acid to​ strengthen skin cells and​ boost their moisture content . ​

Drink tea brewed with chamomile,​ dandelion or​ peppermint . ​
Teas of​ Borage,​ fennel,​ coltsfoot or​ calendula help improve the​ skin . ​
Add 1 tsp of​ either herb to​ 1 cup of​ boiling water and​ drink daily . ​

Tea tree oil with its skin penetrating properties helps to​ moisturize and​ smooth the​ skin . ​

Treat yourself with these recipes using herbs and​ essential oils
Dry skin mask Obtain a​ smooth paste by mixing 6 ounce of​ unflavored yoghurt,​ few finely crushed almonds,​ 2 tsp honey and​ wheat germ oil each . ​
Apply and​ massage of​ your skin for​ 20 minutes . ​
Wash off with cold water . ​
Crushed almonds exfoliate and​ eliminate dead skin,​ honey aids in​ adhering mask to​ skin and​ vitamin E in​ wheat germ oil fights radicals . ​

Home made balm for​ dry,​ chapped lips Heat ½ cup almond or​ grape seed oil . ​
Add 2 tsp of​ melted beeswax,​ ½ tsp alkanet root . ​
Strain the​ oil removing the​ root . ​
Add 810 drops of​ natural flavoring oil and​ 3 drops of​ vitamin E oil . ​

If you​ hands are moisture dry or​ chapped,​ massage them with sandalwood,​ rose or​ chamomile essential oils mixed with hydrating base oil like hazelnut,​ avocado or​ evening primrose . ​

For energizing natural hand moisturizer,​ mix wheat germ oil with your favorite essential oil . ​

Before bath,​ apply a​ mixture of​ 1 egg yolk,​ 1 tsp orange juice,​ 1 tsp olive oil,​ few drops of​ rose water and​ lime juice on​ your skin . ​
This is​ a​ good morning skin cleanser . ​
1 egg,​ 1 tsp honey,​ ½ tsp olive oil and​ few drops of​ rose water makes a​ good beauty mask for​ dry skin . ​

Try Herbal facial sauna once a​ week . ​
Use chamomile,​ lavender,​ and​ peppermint herbs . ​
Simmer 2 4 tsp of​ dried or​ fresh herbs in​ 2 quarts of​ water . ​
After few minutes of​ steaming,​ place the​ pot at​ comfortable distance from your face on​ a​ table . ​
Bend over the​ pot with towel covering your face and​ the​ pot to​ trap the​ steam . ​
After 15 minutes,​ splash cold water and​ air dry your skin followed by application of​ moisturizer or​ facial oil . ​
you​ can cool the​ herbal water and​ use it​ as​ toning lotion to​ be dabbed on​ your face after cleansing . ​

Recipes For Dry Skin Care Using Herbs And Essentials Oils

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