Reasons Why Fresh Content Is Imperative To Successful SEO

Reasons Why Fresh Content Is Imperative To Successful SEO

Gone are the​ days when people memorized website URLs to​ get the​ information or​ service they want. With the​ exception of​ a​ few popular websites like,​,​ and people have come to​ rely more and more on​ search engines to​ get to​ websites containing the​ information or​ service they need. Because of​ this,​ search engine optimization has become an​ invaluable tool in​ website design for people and companies to​ be able to​ reach their target audience. Without search engine optimization,​ even a​ quality website would find it​ difficult to​ reach a​ very wide audience.

Factors Affecting Page Rank

Search engine optimization (SEO) is​ simply the​ method of​ increasing a​ web site’s ranking in​ search engine results listing. According to​ an​ article by SEO experts,​ the​ top ten ranking factors that can influence a​ web document's rank at​ the​ major search engines like Yahoo!,​ MSN,​ Google & AskJeeves for a​ particular term or​ phrase are the​ following: Title Tag,​ Anchor Text of​ Links,​ Keyword Use in​ Document Text,​ Accessibility of​ Document,​ Links to​ Document from within the​ Site (Internal Pages),​ Primary Subject Matter of​ Site,​ External Links to​ Linking Pages,​ Link Popularity of​ Site in​ Topical Community,​ Global Link Popularity of​ Site,​ and Keyword Spamming. Note,​ however,​ that although keyword density does affect page rank it​ is​ often frowned on​ as​ is​ considered to​ be a​ questionable technique when it​ is​ over 10 to​ 20% the​ actual content since it​ appears to​ be spamming then.

The Effect of​ Fresh Content in​ SEO

It is​ not enough for your website to​ apply the​ other SEO techniques like meta tag optimization and link analysis. Fresh content,​ meaning relevant content delivered on​ a​ regular basis is​ imperative to​ a​ successful SEO. Although not mentioned as​ one of​ the​ top ten ranking factor,​ one of​ the​ recurring factors affecting page rank mentioned in​ SEO articles is​ content. Not just any content but the​ freshness and consistency of​ content. Since it​ is​ a​ factor mentioned in​ many existing articles I’ve come across,​ common sense dictates that the​ freshness of​ content is​ indeed an​ important factor in​ page ranking. Major search engines like Google are known to​ rank pages not only according to​ the​ relevancy of​ the​ content but also according to​ how fresh the​ content is. Dated content can lower the​ page rank of​ an​ otherwise well designed website and ruin SEO efforts. a​ fresh content on​ the​ other hand will contribute to​ the​ success of​ search engine optimization.

Ways to​ Deliver Fresh Content on​ a​ Regular Basis

However for SEO to​ be successful the​ fresh content delivered by the​ website should be in​ a​ form that is​ readable to​ search engine. Ordinary content writers,​ of​ course wouldn’t know how to​ make their content readable by search engines. the​ good news is​ that there is​ no special effort needed on​ the​ part of​ content writer to​ make their content readable by search engines. All that is​ needed is​ a​ good dynamic,​ database driven content management system (CMS).

Content management systems might seem hard to​ manage but they are actually relatively easy once you​ get the​ hang of​ it​ and get past the​ learning stage. Learning to​ use them can,​ however,​ prove to​ be tricky. it​ is​ best to​ get the​ help of​ web developers when setting up a​ website’s content management system. CMSs are however very useful especially for websites with multiple users who can contribute to​ the​ site’s content. Mambo and PHPNuke are recommended for starters.

Another way to​ deliver fresh content at​ a​ regular basis is​ by using a​ weblog. Maintaining a​ weblog is​ an​ easy and cost effective way of​ updating your site. a​ good weblog should always be frequently updated,​ full of​ rich and informative articles,​ and should allow readers to​ post comments. According to​ an​ article by Matt Foster,​ aside from the​ ability to​ add fresh content regularly,​ a​ weblog integrated in​ your website will also achieve the​ following desirable results:

• it​ will increase the​ amount of​ inbound links to​ your website
• it​ will increase the​ frequency at​ which the​ web search engines will spider or​ crawl your website ( this is​ due to​ the​ frequent update in​ content )
• it​ will increase the​ interactivity for the​ web user; and
• it​ will ultimately improve your search engine ranking.

Two of​ examples of​ good easy to​ use blogging tools that can be integrated into websites are Blogger and Wordpress.

For those who are a​ bit more tech savvy and know how to​ use Macromedia Dreamweaver,​ Dreamweaver is​ a​ design software that can help you​ update your website with more control. With Dreamweaver you​ can add or​ change not only the​ written content but the​ whole look from color schemes to​ fonts and even the​ layout of​ your website. But if​ you​ do not have a​ need for such control over your website and feel a​ bit daunted by Dreamweaver,​ Macromedia Contribute would be a​ good option. There are,​ of​ course other design software out there,​ which you​ can use.

The Importance of​ Fresh Content Beyond SEO

After learning how to​ regularly deliver fresh content to​ optimize your website’s rank it​ is​ important to​ know that its importance and effect to​ your website goes way beyond that. Aside from the​ success it​ contributes to​ SEO efforts,​ fresh content will not only get the​ website noticed by search engines but is​ imperative in​ keeping the​ website audience. People usually go on​ the​ net not just for relevant information but for timely information as​ well. After the​ search engines show a​ website as​ a​ result of​ a​ search string and people get to​ visit the​ site it​ is​ up to​ the​ fresh content to​ convince the​ people to​ keep on​ coming back to​ the​ site. if​ the​ website content is​ outdated and is​ updated rather infrequently and erratically,​ the​ chances of​ the​ target audience going back to​ the​ site on​ a​ regular basis,​ if​ at​ all,​ will be rather slim. Even the​ best SEO efforts will be wasted if​ the​ target audience decides that the​ website is​ not worth visiting. Therefore fresh content really is​ one of​ the​ keys to​ a​ successful SEO and thus a​ successful website.

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