Real Estate Team Building One

Real Estate Team - Building One
I didn't understand the​ concept of​ a​ real estate team at​ first, so I​ had a​ hard time with real estate investment .​
I​ tended to​ be a​ lone wolf, trying to​ do too much myself .​
I​ have since learned that in​ real estate, you need a​ team of​ people you can trust and​ rely on .​
Here are some possible team members, and​ what they need to​ be on the​ team .​
1 .​
a​ mortgage broker or​ banker .​
a​ broker can offer many options, but a​ banker can make the​ loan decision .​
They each have their advantages, and​ you could use both on your team .​
In either case it's important they understand what you want (fast closings, lower interest, corporate loans?)
2 .​
An accountant or​ bookkeeper .​
To keep proper books for​ real estate investments is​ getting more complicated with all the​ tax-law changes .​
Find someone that understands the​ law, and​ understands what you want.
3 .​
a​ real estate attorney .​
Find someone familiar with the​ laws and​ legal customs of​ your area, and​ that has experience with the​ type of​ deals you intend to​ do (If you are buying rentals, she should be familiar with doing evictions, for​ example.)
4 .​
a​ good real estate agent .​
An agent with experience in​ the​ area you invest in​ and​ access to​ the​ MLS (Multiple Listing Service), can be a​ great help .​
If she is​ a​ seller's agent, she can still ethically bring the​ best deals to​ you once she knows you're a​ serious buyer.
5 .​
An appraiser .​
a​ good appraiser can give you an​ accurate valuation of​ a​ property, but they can also suggest ways in​ which you can most efficiently raise the​ value of​ a​ property .​
Find someone that will talk to​ you.
6 .​
An inspector .​
Some states make it​ too easy to​ become an​ inspector with little experience .​
You may want to​ find one that is​ or​ used to​ be a​ contractor, so he can find the​ problems and​ give you some idea of​ the​ cost of​ repairs.
7 .​
An insurance agent .​
Good ones will understand what you want, and​ find ways to​ save you money .​
Insure all your properties with one agent, and​ you're likely to​ have discounts available, aas well as​ better service.
8 .​
An escrow officer .​
They'll usually be with a​ closing company .​
Find someone that's efficient, and​ can explain things clearly to​ both sides .​
If he is​ confused by a​ slightly creative contract, he should educate easily or​ be replaced.
9 .​
a​ cleaning person or​ crew .​
When you have a​ trusted person or​ crew ready, it​ means a​ fast turn-around when you buy a​ rental or​ rehab project.
10 .​
Rental property manager .​
Be certain that the​ company you hire has exerience, is​ responsive, and​ will have time when you call .​
Good property managers can tell you what you should get for​ rent in​ a​ given area BEFORE you buy.
Start building that team .​
Investing in​ real estate is​ a​ whole lot less stressful and​ more profitable with a​ good real estate team.

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