Real Estate Professionals In California

Real Estate Professionals In California
California real estate is​ the​ most sought after and​ expensive real estate in​ the​ United States .​
It has a​ wide variety of​ diverse properties, from condos to​ vacation homes to​ single-family residences to​ apartments .​
Therefore, while searching home or​ commercial property in​ California, having real estate professionals by your side will make your search easier.
Generally, real estate professionals in​ CA include real estate agents, realtors, mortgage broker, and​ mortgage lender .​
Buyers and​ sellers more often need them at​ the​ time of​ buying or​ selling .​
1. Real Estate Agents
A Real estate agent is​ either a​ person or​ an​ organization whose business is​ to​ market real estate on behalf of​ clients .​
There are buyer’s agent, seller’s agent and​ dual agents who work for​ both seller and​ buyer .​
Their main function is​ to​ look for​ suitable houses, negotiate price and​ terms on behalf of​ both, and​ prepare a​ standard purchase or​ selling contract.
2. Realtors
They work with their customers to​ define their needs and​ identify suitable alternatives .​
They are the​ total real estate solution providers starting with identifying the​ property to​ closing the​ deal .​
3. Mortgage Broker
These professionals have specialized in​ the​ entire loan processes and​ help their customers in​ getting the​ best loan to​ fit their needs .​
They are either companies or​ individuals who work closely with mortgage lenders to​ provide a​ wide variety of​ loan schemes to​ their customers .​
They act as​ a​ mediator between mortgage lender and​ customer .​
They are ready to​ assist you with your lending needs .​
They will help you through the​ process and​ requirements-from home inspection to​ insurance.
4. Mortgage Lender
They are the​ companies who actually finance the​ loan to​ the​ customers through the​ brokers .​
In the​ past, lenders were almost banks and​ saving& loan associations .​
Due to​ their limited options in​ lending, many different types of​ lenders have joined in​ this field .​
Today, most mortgage bankers act as​ wholesale lenders .​
They offer loans at​ a​ lower rate of​ interest than banks .​
Mortgage brokers deal with these lending institutions that have wholesale loan department for​ their customers .​

Hence, it​ is​ a​ team work of​ all agents, realtors, brokers and​ lenders to​ provide better service to​ their customers .​
By effectively using their own resources, they can co-ordinate with each other

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