Real Estate Listings 19

Real Estate Listings 19

My son and​ his wife are entering the​ stage of​ there life where they are going to​ be homeowners .​
They have been married for​ three years and​ have been saving their money and​ building their credit rating so they can afford a​ home of​ their own .​
They have been living a​ very frugal life, not taking vacations and​ working over time hours to​ make this happen .​
Their goal is​ to​ have more money and​ time once they move into their house .​
They have also been buying nice pieces of​ furniture to​ put into their own space when they get it .​
They went to​ the​ bank to​ get prior approved for​ a​ loan so that they would be able to​ put money down on a​ house when they found one they liked.
When they felt they were ready they met with a​ realtor and​ began looking at​ real estate listings .​
The realtor tried to​ convince them that they could afford a​ home that was a​ higher rate than they were comfortable paying .​
They had discussed this with us as​ well as​ their friends .​
We all gave them the​ same message; do not pay so much for​ a​ home that you are scraping by each month to​ make the​ payments .​
They both have good jobs with generous salaries .​
We suggested that they take on a​ house payment that they would still be able to​ handle if​ one of​ them lost their job or​ was cut back on hours .​
The last thing you want to​ see happen is​ to​ lose your job and​ your home as​ well .​
This had happened to​ friends of​ theirs so they knew it​ was possible .​
They told the​ realtor that they only wanted to​ look at​ real estate listings in​ their price range .​

They are looking at​ a​ good time because it​ is​ definitely a​ buyers market .​
There are several homes that have been on the​ market for​ quite a​ while .​
One house that they drove past often on their way to​ our house had been for​ sale for​ over a​ year .​
When they had checked the​ price on the​ real estate listings when it​ first went on the​ market is​ was out of​ their price range .​
The house was listed by the​ realty company that they were working with, so they inquired about it .​
The house had a​ huge back yard and​ two bedrooms upstairs and​ two down stairs there were three bathrooms and​ a​ formal living room as​ well as​ a​ family room .​
All the​ cabinets in​ the​ kitchen had been custom made by the​ owner’s father .​
The realtor told them that the​ house was one of​ the​ greatest values in​ the​ real estate listings in​ that price range .​
Even though it​ was higher than they wanted to​ spend they went and​ looked at​ the​ property .​
They loved everything about the​ house .​
They decided that they had nothing to​ lose by making an​ offer .​
They offered the​ highest amount that they had budgeted for, which was several thousand less than the​ owners had the​ property listed at .​
The owners were relocating to​ another state due to​ a​ job offer and​ were getting frustrated at​ not selling in​ the​ home .​
They took the​ offer .​
My son and​ his wife now have a​ beautiful home to​ call their own.

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