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Real Estate Investments : Land
With today's focus on investing in​ and​ flipping homes, there is​ an​ investment that has become lost in​ the​ glamour of​ high profile home flipping .​
The purchase of​ land has always been one of​ the​ more secure forms of​ real estate investment, and​ if​ you are looking for​ a​ long-term asset land is​ perfect .​
There are numerous ways you can go about making a​ profit off your purchase of​ land, but most involve proper zoning and​ selling to​ the​ right person or​ company.
Before you purchase any parcel of​ land, do some research into the​ zoning of​ the​ area .​
Find out if​ it​ is​ zoned for​ residential, commercial or​ both .​
Finding something that is​ zoned for​ both is​ a​ great find because it​ gives you the​ widest array of​ options when selling .​
Also try to​ find out if​ there are any liens or​ easements on the​ property, this information will be critical when selling .​
Now consider the​ area that the​ land is​ in, is​ it​ an​ area that is​ likely to​ be developed? How does it​ match up in​ terms of​ location and​ proximity to​ amenities existing or​ proposed?
Also try to​ find out how the​ surrounding land has appreciated in​ the​ past years .​
If the​ area you are looking at​ has seen a​ push on development there is​ a​ good chance that land will be selling for​ a​ premium price as​ the​ development continues .​
To make your land more attractive to​ buyers, try clearing it​ yourself (if possible) .​
Having all scrub and​ stumps removed is​ an​ attractive aspect to​ developers as​ it​ will save them time and​ money in​ the​ long run .​
Prospecting on the​ value of​ land can really pay off in​ the​ end if​ done correctly .​
development companies will pay top dollar for​ land in​ the​ right place so do your homework and​ good luck!

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