Real Estate Investment In Buenos Aires Buenos Aires A One Way Trip

Real Estate Investment In Buenos Aires Buenos Aires A One Way Trip

Real Estate Investment in​ Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires, a​ one way trip
The city's charm adds to​ the​ convenient exchange rate that sets Buenos Aires as​ an​ ideal city for​ international tourism and​ furthermore, a​ mine for​ investment .​
The investment opportunities are multiple and​ the​ channels are open for​ independent developments: real estate, independent business, technology, importing, and​ many more.
An attractive road for​ foreign investors is​ within the​ real estate market .​
It is​ a​ realistic option both for​ small investors and​ big economic groups .​
The initial investment cost for​ a​ property is​ quite low and​ the​ return is​ surprisingly high, in​ short and​ long term basis .​
The cost of​ property and​ land is​ beginning to​ increase in​ Buenos Aires due to​ the​ high demand for​ permanent housing and​ short-term rental .​
There is​ in​ fact a​ deficit of​ apartments, what also explains the​ springing of​ loads of​ new developments that are.
The acquisition of​ a​ property carries along a​ series of​ implicit business opportunities apart from its personal use as​ a​ private residence: remodeling and​ resale, traditional rental, temporary rental, among others.
Short-term rentals is​ one of​ the​ most simple and​ feasible directions for​ small investors and​ most especially for​ those not currently residing in​ Buenos Aires .​
Alojargentina, other than selling properties and​ providing counseling in​ real estate, offers a​ full Property Management service .​
This consists in​ renting the​ property to​ tourists and​ companies following a​ short-term manner and​ in​ the​ property's maintenance according to​ each customer's particular needs.
Someone using this service from abroad, for​ example, can forget about taking care of​ the​ property since it​ can be left in​ the​ company's hands .​
It is​ a​ complete service that includes renting the​ apartment, the​ guest's full assistance, bills and​ taxes payment, property maintenance and​ coordination of​ any required repairs .​
The proposal anticipates the​ property owner's interest in​ being informed of​ what is​ going on with his/her apartment and​ this is​ why reports are sent regularly .​
Customers may choose between a​ full management or​ a​ temporary rent solely management.
Frequent visitors may have their property in​ Buenos Aires to​ enjoy during their trips and​ use it​ as​ an​ extra income source through temporary rent .​
So, purchasing an​ apartment in​ Buenos Aires is​ an​ opportunity for​ a​ double investment: generating short and​ long term profit added to​ having a​ vacation home in​ an​ evermore alluring destination as​ Buenos Aires.
The apartments apt to​ be offered for​ temporary rent have different characteristics but there are certain mandatory requirements such as​ full equipment, basic amenities and​ demanded location .​
The preferred neighborhoods are Recoleta, Downtown and​ Palermo, but guests often ask for​ Las Cañitas, Barrio Norte, Belgrano and​ Puerto Madero as​ well.
The Real Estate Sales area in​ Alojargentina specializes in​ this type of​ investment .​
The firm sells properties for​ personal use but mostly assists on temporary rent investment opportunities .​
It holds extensive experience in​ handling sales for​ foreign citizens and​ thus has the​ necessary know how in​ regards to​ processes, paperwork and​ requirements for​ non-resident buyers.
To view the​ virtual catalog you may visit our website or​ you can send your inquiries directly to​

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