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The Stalker Homeowner: Don't follow the​ prospective buyers into each room and​ stand there. the​ key is​ to​ point them in​ the​ direction then let them look. Standing over a​ buyer makes them feel uneasy and​ makes them want to​ hurry on their way. Give a​ short guided tour and​ point out anything that can easily be overlooked. Then tell them to​ feel free to​ open doors and​ closets and​ you'll be in​ the​ yard if​ they have any questions.

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The Never ending Talker: Stop talking! Disclosure is​ necessary but prospective buyers do not need over explanation of​ each room and​ every decision you've made. if​ your appliances are more than 8 years old, there is​ really no need to​ point out the​ fact they may be a​ "brand name". They are just old to​ a​ buyer. Drawing attention to​ the​ name is​ only drawing attention to​ their age. if​ your kitchen and​ fixtures throughout the​ home are more than 10 years old...your home is​ dated. Like it​ or​ not, your home is​ going to​ need updates from the​ prospective of​ most buyers. Although you may be proud of​ the​ brass chandelier hanging above the​ entry, many buyers will be calculating costs to​ replace it.

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The Tattle Tail: No need to​ point out the​ potential honey do list you have not had a​ chance to​ do. Once, I showed a​ FSBO home and​ the​ owner had hardwood floors. Rather than just pointing out the​ hardwood, she went into detail of​ how they can be refinished. Then the​ buyers realized the​ floors really could use a​ refinish and​ that was more work to​ do. if​ it​ is​ not a​ disclosure situation, then do not point out what is​ so time consuming that you did not even tackle it​ prior to​ selling. if​ the​ buyer commented about the​ floor, that would be the​ opportunity to​ explain a​ possible solution.

Know Your STUFF. Know your energy bill averages. Know your neighborhood and​ amenities; know where parks and​ schools are located (you may not have children but a​ prospective buyer could). Know the​ basics of​ your home construction (year, energy features, foundation type, and​ furnace location/type). Know your property lines (if they are not clearly defined or​ perhaps they extend past what may appear to​ be the​ end).

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Remove the​ Sentimental Feelings From You and​ Your House. Buyers do not care that you paid so much money to​ paint the​ dining room green...chances are, they don't like it​ and​ plan to​ repaint. if​ you go on in​ detail about your decisions on what you have done to​ the​ home (or the​ garden you worked so hard to​ plant on the​ side yard) buyers feel guilty as​ they may have plans to​ turn your hard work into a​ RV driveway. Point out unique features that may go unnoticed then retreat to​ the​ front yard. Wait for​ them to​ ask questions and​ give them a​ SIMPLE answer. Be welcoming and​ polite, but they are not here to​ meet you. Clean out your personal belongings and​ pictures. It's hard enough that someone is​ living there, and​ that the​ person who does live there is​ offering a​ guided tour...but if​ on top of​ that all of​ your family pictures are everywhere. it​ will be hard for​ a​ buyer to​ imagine it​ to​ be their home.


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