Real Estate Companies 19

Real Estate Companies 19

Several years ago my husband and​ I​ were fortunate enough to​ find a​ lake home that we can live in​ year round .​
The house is​ located within a​ thirty minute commute for​ my husband and​ I​ was able to​ relocate to​ a​ job that is​ only ten minutes from the​ house .​
This has been wonderful because it​ is​ allowing us to​ live our retirement dream while we are still working .​
Every weekend we can take advantage of​ lake living without packing the​ car and​ driving to​ a​ cabin or​ campgrounds .​
Now we are still thinking about our retirement years and​ deciding if​ we want to​ relocate .​
The lake shore properties are moving very quickly .​
Our present home is​ multi-level so we are not sure how we will be able to​ navigate the​ steps when we are older .​
We decided we would talk with different real estate companies in​ the​ various lakes areas and​ see what kind of​ trends they are seeing regarding development and​ land availability .​
We are not ready to​ act right now so we do not want to​ sign with one realtor .​
We decided that we would just spend a​ day here and​ there stopping at​ different real estate companies and​ seeing what they had to​ offer and​ what advise they would give us regarding how long to​ wait .​
On our various trips we would go through small communities that were close to​ different lake areas .​
We would stop and​ have coffee at​ local cafes and​ talk to​ people about the​ different real estate companies in​ the​ area .​
Most times there would be a​ relative of​ a​ local realtor in​ the​ café .​
On our way home we would stop and​ have a​ drink at​ a​ local bar .​
We found that you can get a​ great deal of​ advice from small town bartenders on just about everything including real estate companies.
So far in​ our travels we have located two communities that we think would be quite pleasant to​ retire in .​
We have decided that once we are retired it​ will not really matter how far we are from any particular area because we will not have to​ worry about commuting .​
We have moved often enough to​ know that we make friends quite easily and​ we join quite well with various church communities .​
We may decide to​ buy lake property now so that we will have it​ to​ build on in​ the​ future .​
If we should change our minds on the​ location we know we will be able to​ sell the​ property for​ a​ profit .​
Lake shore properties are going up annually and​ so there is​ no way we will lose money on this sort of​ land deal .​

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