Real Estate Buying And Leasing In The Philippines

Real Estate Buying And Leasing In The Philippines

Real Estate Buying and​ Leasing in​ the​ Philippines
Real estate, as​ said time and​ again, has been slowly picking up from where it​ left off in​ 1996, that is, aggressive buying by local bred people who are now residing in​ various parts of​ the​ world, particularly the​ United States of​ America and​ Canada regions .​
Filipinos who have opted to​ take their talents for​ better paying jobs abroad have allowed them to​ consider making investments in​ local properties, known to​ be among the​ affordable and​ feasible manners of​ investing for​ their future and​ their dependents .​
There is​ of​ course the​ difference between high-end and​ low-end sectors, but regardless, the​ bottom line is​ one of​ our basic hierarchy of​ needs according to​ Maslow’s hierarchy, that of​ which is​ shelter .​
But wait, it​ is​ not all about security but more on studying the​ opportunities of​ being able to​ establish a​ medium of​ investment and​ income from outside the​ usual profession that most people practice everyday .​
Visitors, with emphasis on foreigners from other countries look for​ the​ cheapest means of​ lodging, especially when they want to​ make the​ most out of​ their trips .​
The Philippines is​ known to​ be among the​ top spots for​ foreigners to​ go to, especially once vacation time comes for​ them .​
Cost is​ definitely competitive, and​ compared to​ their normal neighboring countries of​ tourist attraction spots, people want something different .​
The belief that the​ world offers a​ lot is​ usually one of​ the​ reasons why foreigners immediately look towards the​ Philippine tourist spots, especially the​ beaches and​ resorts like Boracay and​ Palawan areas, have been the​ forefront of​ the​ aggressive investment of​ the​ country towards tourism .​
Come the​ summer time, even the​ local inhabitants crowd these places, and​ despite the​ inconveniences, they will go at​ nothing to​ be able to​ satisfy their hunger for​ a​ well-deserved break from reality.
With this in​ mind, foreigners see it​ as​ an​ opportunity to​ be able to​ make advanced bookings by being situated here locally before the​ expected boom and​ overcrowding of​ reservations and​ accommodations set in​ during the​ second quarter of​ the​ year .​
Finding alternative places to​ live in​ outside hotels which cost as​ high as​ $50.00 per day, depending on the​ type of​ hotel they are looking at, can be saved if​ they can find locally available condominium units for​ rent .​
Places that are usually the​ landing spot for​ most temporarily staying foreigner include the​ high class Rockwell Power Plant in​ Makati, Eastwood Condominiums in​ Quezon City, and​ the​ Fort at​ the​ Fort Bonifactio Area .​
Condominiums are being strategically constructed here, and​ there are also units that are being rented or​ sold at​ a​ fair price.
Among the​ offerings is​ located at​ the​ Rizal Condominiums, located beside the​ Professional Graduate School of​ Ateneo .​
Rizal Condominium is​ largely dominated in​ terms of​ occupancy by foreigners .​
Current Properties for​ Sale
There is​ one unit being offered at​ the​ moment for​ sale at​ P30,000,000.00 and​ fully furnished .​
What surprises me the​ most is​ that this same price is​ close to​ the​ actual offering before the​ entire property was built and​ is​ certainly a​ good buy .​
I​ have yet to​ get the​ details from my sister-in-law who works in​ a​ bank, and​ I​ know the​ sale is​ really needed as​ soon as​ possible .​
Just recently, another unit located in​ the​ classy area of​ Anapolis, Greenhills is​ being offered as​ well .​
a​ small pad worth P10,0000,000.00 is​ up for​ grabs at​ the​ One Beverly Place, one of​ the​ posh condominium units that can be seen along the​ busy streets of​ Anapolis Street, Greenhills .​
It is​ a​ good place to​ stay, especially for​ visitors who are in​ search of​ cheap goods and​ a​ relaxing place to​ stay since local folks come in​ droves to​ be able to​ kill their time and​ get good buys of​ consumer items such as​ designer clothes, electronic devices, cellular phones and​ computer peripherals .​
Hence the​ investment for​ these type of​ properties is​ aimed at​ high-end markets .​
But considering the​ appraisal of​ land value, for​ sure, this is​ the​ interest gained from initial investments, something that money in​ the​ bank cannot even match as​ far as​ long term investments are concerned.
For more information, people can drop me a​ line at​ for​ requests as​ photos, land data, property specifics and​ pricing per square meter.

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