Reading Silently Can Help Speed Reading

Reading Silently Can Help Speed Reading

Watch a​ group of​ young children who are just beginning to​ read and you’ll notice one thing about almost all of​ them. Even if​ they have been instructed to​ silently read, most of​ the children will be mouthing the words they are reading. Their lips will move to​ pronounce the words, even though they are not speaking them aloud. The reason they do this is​ because as​ children begin to​ learn to​ read, they vocalize the sounds of​ the individual letters and then later on, the sounds of​ the words.

Although this process is​ helpful to​ the children as​ they are introduced to​ the concept of​ reading, it’s also significantly reducing the speed at​ which they read.

If you’ve ever watched a​ television show that featured speed readers or​ if​ you’ve ever known someone who could speed read, you might have noticed that their lips don’t move. That’s not coincidence, it’s actually very significant.

When a​ person reads out loud or​ they mouth the words as​ they read, it​ takes them longer to​ read than someone who simply looks at​ the word and absorbs it. This is​ one of​ the important steps in​ speed reading – learning to​ not vocalize the words either out loud or​ silently.

It’s difficult though for a​ person who has always read in​ this manner to​ change. Even if​ they understand that the benefit of​ not reading aloud is​ that they will dramatically change their reading speed. It’s a​ habit and it’s one that becomes natural over time. it​ can be changed though.

One thing that a​ person can do to​ change this habit and to​ begin on the road to​ speed reading is​ to​ learn not to​ move their mouths as​ they read. if​ you are a​ parent with a​ youngster just learning to​ read and you hear them reading out loud, you might suggest that they try and read to​ themselves. if​ they do and you see their lips silently moving to​ the words, encourage them to​ try and refrain from that. You can do that by giving them something to​ chew on, perhaps a​ stick of​ gum or​ a​ chewy candy. This will preoccupy their mouth enough that eventually the inclination to​ silently say the words will disappear.

Although adults are more conscious of​ this behavior, many still do it. They can try those same techniques, the chewing gum or​ a​ candy idea. Another idea that works well for adult is​ if​ they are alone, they can place their hand over their mouth while they read. This stops the behavior automatically. The benefit of​ this method is​ that the person becomes fully aware of​ when their mouth is​ moving along with the written words. They can stop it​ as​ it​ is​ happening. This will ultimately result in​ them stopping the practice.

With a​ little work the desire to​ mouth words as​ you read them can be stopped. When it​ is​ stopped, the rate at​ which you read will already be climbing. Speed reading is​ a​ skill that virtually everyone can learn; it’s just a​ matter of​ dropping old behaviors, such as​ silently mouthing words, and instead adapting new behaviors.

Reading Silently Can Help Speed Reading

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