Reading The Green

Reading The Green

A good putting game makes all the difference in​ golf. if​ you want to​ improve your game you must develop an​ ability to​ read the green.

Unless you have experience, factors such as: the shape and roughness of​ the ground; the thickness or​ wetness of​ the grass; and the changes of​ distance can distort your judgment.

So first get down and take a​ good look at​ the ground between the ball and the cup. Lay your club in​ the direction of​ the hole and check the surface along the shaft. Do you see any bumps? Are there any curves to​ the left or​ to​ the right? Do you see any hills and valleys? Figure out how much downhill versus uphill is​ between you and your goal. Your shot would change depending on whether you are uphill or​ downhill and how the green breaks. Feel the grass. Moisture can shorten the balls distance up to​ 14 inches.

Then there is​ the length of​ the grass to​ consider and whether it​ has been double cut (double cut means that the grass has been cut in​ one direction and mowed again at​ a​ perpendicular angle). This affects the distance the ball will travel. if​ the grass is​ double cut it​ can go 12 inches further than it​ normally would and likewise if​ the grass has been cut even 1/16 inch shorter, the ball will travel 10 inches further. More difficult to​ determine is​ whether the grass has been rolled which will compact the soil. That would increase the ball’s travel up to​ ten inches.

These techniques can’t be measured objectively. Unless you carry around cumbersome equipment, the more you practice the more you can rely on experience. if​ you are not actively playing watch how others play the game. It’s a​ good idea to​ see the hole from another angle. Take notes and use that information to​ judge how to​ putt.

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