Reading Activity For Kindergarten

Reading Activity For Kindergarten

As a​ homeschooler one of​ the most important tasks for you to​ accomplish in​ your child at​ an​ early age is​ getting them interested in​ and developing good reading habits. at​ an​ early age learning to​ recognize letters, the sounds they make and words they eventually form should be an​ activity and not a​ structured assignment. a​ great reading activity for kindergarten aged children, for example is​ to​ read to​ them.

A natural progression in​ your reading activities with your children is​ that after you read them to​ a​ passage from the story; have them paraphrase the story back to​ you. This will help you to​ understand what level of​ listening ability and understanding they are at, as​ well has help them to​ begin building their vocabulary as​ they work to​ find new words they can use with their description of​ the story they are giving back to​ you.

Good reading activities don’t always have to​ occur at​ the house, or​ just before bedtime. While you’re running errands around town or​ on vacation, perhaps have the kids begin to​ collect words from signs, or​ spell objects they see. Encourage them to​ learn different ways to​ describe objects see. Instead something big, it​ may by huge, or​ enormous... or​ even of​ gargantuan proportion! Have you child arrange the words they have collected into silly sentences or​ phrases. Even something as​ simple as​ collecting letters from signs, license plates, and such to​ work their way through the alphabet is​ a​ good kindergarten age reading activity.

Not in​ the car, or​ travel around much? Use every day items around the house to​ do the same thing. Labels, there are plenty of​ labels around the house. Actually put labels on everyday items around the house so your child can associate the spelling, and reading with a​ tangible item. Then, after a​ while, take the labels off the items and help your child read and re-label the house.

Once you get your creative juices flowing, you’ll come up with many more reading activities. The key is​ to​ make reading activities an​ every day part of​ their life. Make an​ effort to​ spend an​ hour a​ day reading more with an​ hour less of​ television. T.V. is​ an​ extremely passive thought processing activity. While reading and using one’s imagination is​ a​ source of​ growth and a​ great foundation from which to​ build.

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