Rank High In Google With SEO Authority

Rank High in​ Google with SEO Authority
The new word in​ Search Engine Optimization is​ Authority .​
Google has been making a​ shift in​ their algorithm over the​ last two years .​
Now they are emphasizing websites with Authority .​
What this means is​ that a​ web site is​ given Authority from other web sites and from Google itself .​
There are 3 ways to​ get Authority.
1 .​
Web 2.0
Everyone knows about the​ Web 2.0 explosion .​
Socially oriented networking web sites (My Space,​ Facebook,​ etc),​ you​ Tube for video,​ blogging and social bookmarking web sites .​
Using these types of​ web sites is​ the​ newest way to​ increase the​ Authority Google gives to​ your website.
2 .​
One huge determining factor in​ Google page rank is​ the​ number of​ links from web sites with high Google page ranks .​
When these links are one way inbound links they give your website authority .​
This is​ a​ powerful statement that says your website is​ high quality and good enough for them to​ link to​ you​ .​
Link exchange can be useful as​ long as​ you​ are exchanging with websites that have high ranks with Google .​
The more,​ quality links your website has,​ the​ higher you​ page rank will become..
3 .​
Targeted content is​ essential .​
Know what your target market is​ looking for and provide the​ solution with your targeted key words and key word phrases .​
Your web site should consist of​ minimum 250 words of​ content that is​ continually being updated .​
Google will see your web site as​ a​ fresh resource for the​ keywords you​ are targeting .​
This will give you​ upper hand over many websites that allow their information to​ become irrelevant because they don't update on​ a​ regular basis .​
This will give your website Authority in​ the​ eyes of​ Google.

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