Raised Air Beds Used More Often For A Good Nights Sleep

Traditional air beds were built to​ sleep low which left many feeling as​ if​ they were sleeping on the floor. Modern air beds are now being built to​ sleep higher off the ground and are referred to​ as​ a​ "raised air bed." These are favored most amongst consumers and continue to​ be big sellers.

Unlike air beds of​ the past, these modern raised air beds create a​ much more comfortable nights sleep. You are further away from the floor which keeps you warmer, as​ the closer your are to​ the floor, the colder you will become as​ well.

The raised air bed also allows you to​ enter and exit them much more easily. This is​ great for people who deal with lower back issues. Rising up or​ lying down on a​ low mattress can wreak havoc on someone with back pain. Your guests will be grateful to​ not have to​ deal with the discomfort of​ the traditional "low to​ the ground" air bed.

Air beds are not just for spare beds anymore. Many people use them as​ their permanent mattress in​ their master bedrooms. With updated features such as​ firmness control settings, many individuals opt for an​ air mattress rather than a​ regular mattress. This is​ what makes a​ raised air bed even more appealing as​ you can maintain the height of​ a​ box spring/mattress combo.

With the old air mattresses of​ the past, there isn't as​ much of​ a​ concern about losing air pressure throughout the night. Since raised air beds are much larger, losing a​ small amount of​ air is​ not noticeable. Plus modern air beds have been improved where air loss is​ hardly an​ issue anymore.

You may be very surprised by the comfort and features available with modern air beds. Many people find themselves purchasing more than one for their homes. Raised air beds are often replaced as​ a​ main bed in​ many homes due to​ the firmness control features. You can provide guests a​ comfortable nights sleep without the cost of​ a​ new bed set.

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