Racing Sports Car Tips

Racing Sports Car Tips

Basic Tips in​ Sports Car Racing
Sports car racing strategy is​ typical of​ other car racing techniques .​
Below are seven fundamental steps to​ keep in​ mind when joining a​ car race:
Engine Start – prepare the​ engine by lifting the​ start switch latch that is​ usually located at​ the​ driver’s side .​
the​ engine should be in​ operation once the​ announcer has started the​ countdown .​
Lightly step on the​ accelerator and​ feel the​ engine running .​
Another way of​ making sure that the​ engine is​ ready is​ by looking at​ the​ tachometer - it​ changes and​ moves from zero once the​ switch has been started .​
Throttle – racing a​ sports car means 750 to​ 850 horsepower .​
Imagine the​ feeling behind that little wheel; it’s the​ breathtaking feel of​ total power .​
the​ secret for​ continuous power is​ for​ the​ car to​ have enough gas to​ rev up the​ whole machine .​
Fishtailing could be one of​ the​ problems when racing and​ to​ keep this from happening use a​ little effort to​ control the​ accelerator.
Engine Transmission – an​ automatic transmission sports car allows the​ system to​ automatically set the​ clutch .​
This is​ for​ amateur sports car racers so that they do not have to​ change gears manually .​
the​ sports car will be smart enough to​ operate the​ transmission for​ the​ driver .​
the​ traditional H symbol is​ used for​ manual transmission sports car.
Walls – during the​ race, it​ is​ unavoidable to​ bump the​ sidewalls .​
This is​ not a​ cause for​ alarm .​
the​ sports car driver just has to​ shift the​ gear into reverse to​ move away from the​ wall .​
Sooner or​ later the​ car should be back on track .​

Comfy on the​ Track – always stay beneath the​ white line of​ the​ lane while at​ 100 miles per hour .​
This is​ so the​ driver can keep the​ other cars from turning into the​ back end of​ the​ sports car .​
Once the​ speed of​ other cars is​ met, tag along back on the​ track.
Presence of​ Mind – stay focused and​ keep both hands on the​ steering wheel .​
Steer the​ wheel at​ a​ slow but sure pace, do not exaggerate the​ turn.
Halt during Emergency – part of​ keeping focused is​ always remembering that there is​ an​ emergency button in​ every sports car when there is​ a​ need to​ stop .​
It is​ situated in​ the​ center of​ the​ dash and​ is​ used when the​ car needs a​ motion stop .​
This button immediately stops the​ car stimulator .​

Bear in​ mind that even in​ this situation, the​ sports car can still be driven until the​ end of​ the​ race .​
Be alert and​ try mastering the​ race track if​ time permits, but always think of​ safety.

Cleofi-Krista P .​
MAS Consultant Support Specialist
AOL Member Services, PI

Racing Sports Car Tips

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