Quilting Fabric Your Essential Guide

Quilting Fabric Your Essential Guide

Quilting Fabric: Your Essential Guide
No quilt would be complete without quilting fabric, for obvious reasons .​
It is​ the material that makes a​ quilt a​ quilt and, as​ a​ result, you will need plenty of​ quilting fabric in​ order to​ complete the task .​
Quilting fabric can come in​ any size, shape and colour you desire and it​ can also be of​ any material type that you choose .​
However, there is​ a​ knack to​ choosing the best quilting fabric for your designs that experts in​ this field have down to​ a​ fine art .​
Any beginner would do well to​ learn them to​ the same standards .​
However, you have to​ learn from the experience of​ others on order to​ achieve this .​
You should choose versatile and serviceable quilting fabric for a​ start so take a​ look at​ the guidelines outlined below for the best effects.
Choosing The Best Aesthetic Quilting Materials
There are tools available to​ you that can help you to​ choose the best possible aesthetic quilting fabric for you .​
The trick is​ to​ know where to​ look for them .​
a​ colour wheel, for example, will actually enable you to​ compare and contrast different colours so you will be able to​ judge which ones look better than others .​
Colour wheels will come in​ different sizes and display different colours .​
They usually feature shades of​ just one or​ two colours so you can see what you think will fit into your home nicely .​
You may only need one or​ two colour wheels if​ you know what colour scheme you want, but if​ you have no idea then you should get hold of​ several so you can fully appreciate how each colour would actually look in​ the context of​ your home .​
Every shade of​ colour can be found on a​ colour wheel so you should use this valuable resource before buying quilting fabric!
So you have now chosen the colours of​ your quilting fabric, but there is​ one more decision that you need to​ make before going out and purchasing the quilting materials you will use .​
There are various quilting fabric out there, so you can choose anything from velvet to​ cotton to​ polyester if​ you so wish .​
The choice is​ yours .​
However, you may want to​ put some thought into it​ before you make a​ decision .​
Regardless of​ the type of​ quilting fabric that you do eventually choose though, be sure to​ choose the best quality of​ material that you can afford .​
Velvet or​ pure wool quilting fabric are more expensive than any other type of​ quilting material, with the exception of​ silks .​
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You should take the ease of​ care of​ the quilting fabric into account, along with who the quilt is​ going to​ be used by .​
If you want to​ create a​ work of​ art then it​ may be best to​ use delicate materials and keep it​ away from children .​
However, if​ you do want to​ use quilting v for a​ baby’s cot design the use more durable materials with a​ longevity that means they will be around for years to​ come despite the misuse that may occur in​ the meantime .​
Cotton is​ better for such purposes but the quilting fabric that you choose is​ completely up to​ you!

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