Quick Tips For A Professional Style Web Site

Quick Tips For A Professional Style Web Site

Useful Information to​ Guide You Towards a​ Professional and​ Useful Site

The basics are vitally important and​ you should never dismiss them. Listed below with a​ brief description are five hot tips to​ jump-start your Web site.

1.Have practical, useful and​ informative information. Consider your objectives and​ goals and​ implement them when building your site. Include newsletters, other links, articles and​ promotions on your site. Maintain your site frequently, meaning keep it​ up-to-date. This will keep visitors coming back because they know you offer current information.

2.Create an​ easy navigation route. One way to​ do this is​ to​ have your page links grouped together. This directs visitors to​ one area on the​ page, giving them fast easy access. Minor links such as; contact us, about us, career opportunities, media, etc. Can go at​ the​ bottom or​ top of​ the​ home page. They are important but not the​ main features on the​ site. With all links and​ new pages you create be sure to​ put a​ ‘home’ link on all those pages. This guides your viewer back to​ the​ main page fast rather than back clicking a​ hand full of​ times. Navigation is​ very important and​ must be done correctly, check and​ recheck your page links.

3.Your site must be fast. Avoid lots of​ graphics this will slow your download time or​ if​ you’re going to​ use them keep the​ size between 80k-100k. Keep in​ mind not all your viewers will be using the​ latest and​ greatest Internet connection. Make your site cross compatible so that even those using a​ text browser can access it.

4.Know whom you’re designing the​ site for. This is​ called your target audience. Identify their age, gender, class, and​ spending habits. This will create a​ personable, likeable feeling to​ your site. You want to​ create for​ an​ individual not for​ the​ masses.

5.Offer contact for​ you visitors. for​ consumer to​ business contact a​ ‘contact us’ page is​ a​ great place to​ put phone, fax, postal, email and​ a​ feedback text box. This allows for​ you to​ hear from your visitors and​ is​ highly beneficial. Make sure you answer questions, comments and​ concerns - don’t leave them hanging. for​ business to​ consumer, offering email marketing and​ / or​ real simply syndication are great ways to​ keep visitors informed and​ aware even when they don’t visit regularly.

Use this information not just for​ your own website but for​ evaluating others. This information will help you keep your site strong professional and​ give you the​ knowledge to​ identify those that are not.

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