Quick Guide To Cape Town

Quick Guide To Cape Town

Cape Town has emerged as​ a​ city for romantics, adventurers, explorers and families alike. The city now boasts a​ number of​ exquisite boutique hotels from where you can enjoy everything Cape Town has to​ offer.

Where is​ it?

Cape Town sits on the south west corner of​ South Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. it​ has its own airport and visitors are never short of​ entertainment or​ excitement.

Where can I stay?

Cape Town’s growth into one of​ the most energetic cities in​ the world has been matched by the quality of​ the hotels. in​ particular, there has been a​ boom in​ boutique hotels – designed to​ catch the attention of​ the discerning traveller. These hotels provide well-designed and thought-out rooms and public areas and levels of​ service that anticipate guests’ every need. This new style of​ hotel includes Atlantic House, which occupies an​ enviable position in​ the trendy resort of​ Camps Bay, the Kensington Palace, a​ minimalist delight with just eight rooms, set right in​ the heart of​ the city, and The Bishops Court, which supplies spacious rooms, a​ pool and floodlit tennis court and fabulous views of​ the surrounding landscape.

What can I see?

Cape Town has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for designer shopping, water adventure, mountain treks, wine tasting tours or​ even safari trips, you can find it​ in​ Cape Town. With an​ enviable climate and the domineering presence of​ Table Mountain, Cape Town manages to​ combine stunning landscapes with urban chic, catering to​ a​ wide range of​ visitors. For those who lack the energy but want the view, take a​ cable car to​ the top of​ Table Mountain, where you get fantastic views of​ the city below and the ocean beyond. Robben Island is​ notorious for being the home of​ Nelson Mandela during his years of​ imprisonment and is​ now just half an​ hour away by boat and has been transformed into a​ living museum. if​ you want to​ damage your credit card, visit the V&A Waterfront, home to​ designer shops, cinemas, restaurants and craft markets surrounding a​ working harbour.

How do I get around?

Cape Town is​ fairly easy to​ drive around – cars drive on the left here – and car hire is​ reasonable. if​ you want to​ explore the Western Cape then it’s a​ good idea to​ hire a​ car so that you are in​ control of​ your day. Trains and buses link all the major cities in​ South Africa and there are long-haul bus services as​ well if​ you’re planning a​ few days somewhere different. You can also rent a​ bike to​ travel round the city or​ use local taxis.

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