Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Chemotherapy Treatments

Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Chemotherapy Treatments

Chemotherapy is​ the​ treatment of​ cancer with drugs that can destroy cancer cells. These drugs often are called "anti-cancer" drugs. Your doctor will recommend an​ appropriate chemotherapy plan based on your medical history, type of​ cancer, extent of​ cancer, current state of​ health, and​ updated research.

Many people hear about chemotherapy from friends and​ family or​ read about it​ in​ books or​ brochures. What you hear and​ read can give you a​ general idea about chemotherapy treatments; however, all of​ the​ information may not apply to​ you and​ your specific situation. Before deciding to​ begin chemotherapy, you should ask your doctor questions that will help you understand treatment and​ what to​ expect during treatments.

Some of​ the​ important questions to​ ask your doctor are:

• Why do I need chemotherapy?

• What are the​ risks of​ chemotherapy?

• What are the​ benefits of​ chemotherapy?

• What do you hope the​ chemotherapy will do for​ me?

• What are the​ specifics of​ chemotherapy treatments in​ my case?

• Are there any other possible treatment methods for​ my type of​ cancer?

• What type of​ chemotherapy drugs will I be given?

• How will the​ chemotherapy drugs be given to​ me?

• How long will I be receiving chemotherapy treatments?

• How long will each treatment last?

• Who will give me the​ treatments?

• How will I feel during chemotherapy?

• What are the​ short term side effects of​ chemotherapy?

• Are there any long term side effects of​ chemotherapy?

• How soon can I expect any side effects to​ occur and​ how long will they last?

• What can I do to​ prepare for​ any side effects?

• Are there medicines available to​ help me manage any side effects I may have?

• Can I continue to​ work or​ go to​ school during treatment?

• Will I see a​ doctor at​ each treatment?

• Should I bring a​ family member or​ friend along to​ each treatment?

• Will I need someone to​ drive me to​ and​ from treatments?

• How will we know if​ the​ chemotherapy treatments are working?

• After I finish chemotherapy, what kind of​ follow-up care will I receive?

• What activities should I do or​ not do to​ take care of​ myself?

• Are there any clinical trials for​ my type of​ cancer?

• What other resources offer information and​ support for​ chemotherapy patients?

When you sit down and​ ask the​ doctor these important questions regarding chemotherapy, the​ following tips might help you keep track of​ the​ information you learn during visits with your doctor:

• Bring a​ friend or​ family member to​ sit with you while you talk with your doctor. This will help you understand what your doctor says during your visit and​ they can help refresh your memory afterward.

• Ask your doctor for​ printed information that is​ available on your specific type of​ cancer and​ treatment.

• Take notes during your appointment. if​ you need more time to​ write ask your doctor to​ talk slowly.

• You may want to​ ask if​ you can use a​ tape recorder during your visit. Take notes from the​ tape after the​ visit is​ finished. That way, you can review your conversation later as​ many times as​ you wish.

Chemotherapy is​ difficult for​ anyone to​ undertake but if​ you are prepared by knowing what to​ expect throughout the​ treatment you may be able to​ handle it​ better both physically and​ mentally.

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