Queries On Web Hosting

Queries On Web Hosting

After having built the​ web pages the​ next step is​ to​ display it​ in​ your website. the​ important factor is​ to​ select a​ hosting service which could offer a​ better reliable service for​ your business. the​ following query and​ explanation section throws light on what a​ web hosting service does and​ how to​ make a​ best choice among the​ millions of​ hosting concern available today in​ market.

Query : What web host do for​ us? Kindly provide brief answer.

Explanation : They are Providers or​ concern who provides different types of​ services that are essential in​ maintaining your website. for​ any website it​ needs a​ storage area for​ storing it​ which is​ provided by web host.

Query: What is​ the​ average cost involved when going for​ a​ web host?

Explanation : This varies depending upon requirement of​ the​ concern but on a​ average the​ costs runs between $15-$25 per month.

Query: Does free hosting service maintain Integrity and​ are they trustworthy?

Explanation : if​ it​ is​ a​ business web site then it​ is​ a​ must to​ go for​ a​ affordable paid web hosting for​ the​ site. the​ free hosting service would be suitable only for​ fun site where banners only get displayed. This is​ because free web hosting service providers give only small bandwidth and​ the​ space provided is​ also little and​ to​ add to​ it​ they will have advertisements posted on your site which will affect your traffic ,in some cases the​ site will go down for​ a​ certain period which will affect your business.

Query: How to​ choose the​ right web host for​ my site?

Explanation : Given below are the​ key points to​ consider while choosing a​ web host:

 Requirements Study - the​ web hosting service that suits for​ one may not suit for​ other because the​ requirement for​ each varies. So before choosing it​ is​ always wise to​ make a​ study of​ what is​ needed for​ you namely things like Database support(MYSQL) etc..

 Uptime - the​ uptime of​ the​ server should be at​ least more than 99.5%

 Data Transfer - for​ this you need to​ work out your requirement which will help in​ determining the​ bandwidth needed by you. Also in​ this context make sure that the​ hosting servers do not share bandwidth which will reduce the​ speed of​ your site.

 Storage - the​ web hosting service must offer you the​ storage area more than what is​ required by your current website. Also make a​ study of​ whether the​ web hosting service put you penalties if​ in​ case you exceed the​ allocation. in​ this it​ is​ also needed to​ find out how the​ web hosting concern decide your storage capacity, that is​ whether they take into account the​ web files or​ do they take into account the​ emails, log files,.. also. a​ detailed study of​ this is​ needed for​ which you should be able to​ view your log files. So Storage and​ traffic are critical points to​ be studied when choosing a​ web hosting service

 Technical Support - Always it​ is​ good to​ choose host that give throughout the​ year, all days technical support

 Security - it​ is​ wise to​ ensure that host services uses updated security software. Also the​ hosting service must offer SSL named as​ Secure Socket Layer for​ performing secured transactions.

 Email - the​ hosting service must provide good number of​ emails, aliases and​ mail forwards because it​ is​ key for​ business.

 Shopping Cart - the​ cart used by you must match with that provided by hosting plan chosen by you or​ the​ hosting service must have a​ appropriate shopping cart replacement.

 Customer Support - the​ type of​ customer support varies such as​ through email, phone. in​ whatever way the​ support is​ provided it​ is​ better to​ find out the​ response time they take to​ get back to​ you. as​ conveyed earlier it​ is​ best to​ choose host that give throughout the​ year, all days technical support.

 CGI-Bin Access - Whatever be the​ site you own you have to​ run some CGI script. for​ the​ sake of​ security host services have their own scripts installed but it​ is​ better to​ make a​ room for​ allowing to​ install your own scripts as​ per your needs. That is​ you have to​ additionally look whether it​ supports the​ language such as​ PHP, Perl etc.. in​ which you may write your scripts.

 Feedback - Before choosing a​ web hosting service it​ is​ always better to​ make a​ study of​ the​ concern to​ know about the​ negative feedbacks if​ any.

 FrontPage Extensions - if​ you have FrontPage in​ your site just make a​ check whether the​ hosting service also support FrontPage with the​ same version as​ yours.

 Communication Media - the​ hosting service chosen has to​ be good otherwise we may have problem with the​ communication services linked with domain like email, File Transfer Protocol(FTP) which are key for​ any business.

 Scalability - You can use any tool like HTML for​ your site but important factor to​ consider is​ whether the​ web hosting service is​ scalable that is​ as​ you built more complex features in​ your site the​ host service must be upgradeable to​ handle all this.

 Domain Name and​ IP Number - it​ is​ good to​ have your own domain name and​ IP number for​ which the​ web hosting service must help you.

 Backup - Ensure whether the​ hosting service provide important service like backup which will help you to​ prevent against data loss.

Due to​ the​ birth of​ many web hosting companies, the​ above factors if​ considered would help you make a​ correct decision for​ choosing a​ good web hosting concern for​ your business.

Queries On Web Hosting

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