Quality SEO Strategies

Quality SEO Strategies

SEO may not be that difficult,​ but it​ certainly is​ not easy either. if​ you​ want to​ rank well in​ the​ search engines there are some rules that you​ need to​ adhere to. When it​ comes to​ ranking well in​ serps the​ common perception is​ that MSN is​ the​ easiest followed by Yahoo and then Google. the​ thought is​ that Google places too much value on​ older pages. That means that even if​ your website has a​ lot of​ relevant content it​ may not rank in​ the​ top ten for your main keyword.

All right,​ let’s get to​ the​ point. the​ first thing you​ need to​ work on​ is​ links. you​ need links and lots of​ them coming from sites that are relevant to​ the​ content on​ yours. For some search engines relevancy does not matter as​ much as​ others,​ but for Google is​ matters big time.

Now where are these links going to​ come from? That is​ the​ question. They can come from quality web directories,​ article directories or​ from other sites that relate to​ your niche. you​ gain the​ relevancy in​ directories by submitting to​ the​ most relevant category to​ your website. With directories you​ should be careful of​ any site that has more than 20 outgoing links listed per page,​ displays excessive ad-sense or​ banner ads. Plus some other more advanced items to​ look for in​ SEO enhancements,​ unique on-site content and additional features.

You can also receive back links by writing and publishing relevant articles on​ article directories. Make sure that you​ include keywords that you​ are targeting within the​ article itself. When writing the​ article keep it​ on​ point and have fun with it​ to​ make it​ something people want to​ read. you​ can use examples to​ make your points and bring more credibility. Most of​ all include the​ link back to​ your website within the​ author resource box. Without that the​ whole process is​ kind of​ pointless. Once the​ article is​ written search for some article directories and start submitting.

Reciprocal linking is​ not recommended as​ Google frowns on​ this activity. Excessive reciprocal linking could result in​ punishment in​ the​ search engines or​ even banning. if​ you​ take part in​ this activity do so with moderation and extreme care. Three way linking was developed to​ get around being able to​ detect the​ link exchanges,​ but Google claims to​ be able to​ find those kinds of​ reciprocal linking activities also. Frankly with the​ minimal reward of​ reciprocal linking the​ risk is​ too great.

Good optimization for search engines will take time. it​ does not happen overnight so prepare for a​ consistent hard approach to​ it. There is​ a​ certain amount of​ enjoyment in​ achieving goals and modifying strategies as​ the​ search engine algorithms change. Keep in​ mind that if​ you​ focus on​ Google the​ rankings in​ the​ other search engines should also follow.

SEO does not have to​ be expensive,​ but it​ will take an​ investment of​ some part from you. Either money or​ time,​ if​ you​ choose to​ go low budget be prepared to​ invest your time.

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