Putting Reading First

Putting Reading First

It’s well documented that when children develop good reading skills early on, they are much more likely to​ be better learners and better educated. Reading is​ the foundation for success for all other subject matter and the level of​ success throughout life for the child.

Learning to​ read isn’t an​ easy task for a​ child. This is​ why it​ is​ so very important that you as​ the parent is​ a​ model for reading and work with and encourage your child to​ read each and every day.

As a​ parent or​ homeschooling parent, you should help insure that your child develops essential skills associated with reading such as:

> Use of​ language and vocabulary.

> Having your child respond after listening to​ stories – read short paragraphs and have your child tell you about what they just heard.

> Lean and recognize the alphabet and letters – use everyday items around your house to​ use as​ examples. For example, cut out big letters and have your child find items around the house that begin with that letter and stick the letter to​ them.

> Work with your child to​ connect the sound the letters make to​ the spoken language.

> Read… and read often to​ your child so they know that reading is​ a​ daily activity.

> Work daily with your child to​ add a​ new word to​ their vocabulary.

> Discuss with your child what was just read. This helps you monitor their level of​ comprehension.

These skills are vitally important for the pre-first grade level reader. Once you child gets to​ the first grade level the focus becomes building upon these skills that the will set the stage for the child essentially for the rest of​ their lives. as​ a​ parent it’s not enough to​ merely incorporate these skills into your child’s daily activities, you keep your fingers on the pulse of​ your child’s progress and understanding. at​ this early age, it​ is​ critical to​ get the reading journey off on the right foot.

At its simplest form, reading is​ a​ skill. Just like any other skill, it​ takes practice to​ become proficient at​ it. in​ fact, reading is​ such an​ important skill… it​ takes more practice than a​ child will receive if​ they attend a​ traditional school. as​ a​ parent you need to​ augment the school’s reading program with daily reading time at​ home. if​ you are homeschooling, make reading a​ daily top priority type of​ activity.

Introduce your child to​ your local library as​ soon as​ you can. Get them signed up for summer reading programs. Set aside an​ area in​ your home where your child can have and develop a​ library all their own. Put their favorite chair in​ their library or​ where they like to​ read and have you read to​ them.

Reading truly is​ fundamental to​ education and successes. Without good reading skills, much of​ life will always be a​ struggle. Build a​ sound and solid foundation for your child by ensuring early on that you help establish a​ love for reading in​ your child and success will follow.

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