Put Muscle Behind Your Web Site With Web Analytics

Put Muscle Behind Your Web Site With Web Analytics

Your business has a​ web site. You were careful in​ selecting a​ designer who understood how crucial your site is​ to​ your marketing strategy, and​ who had the​ skills to​ integrate and​ present your content in​ a​ way that fulfills that strategy. It's well designed and​ optimized. Now you can just sit back and​ wait for​ the​ profits to​ roll in​ right? Wrong!

A well designed web site is​ just the​ beginning. a​ good marketing strategy never stops improving, and​ your web site is​ a​ vital marketing tool. How do you improve its effectiveness in​ bringing in​ more and​ more leads and​ turning higher and​ higher percentages of​ those leads into conversions?

You do this by understanding everything you can about the​ people who visit your site. How did the​ visitor find your site? Did they find you from a​ link pointing to​ your site, a​ search engine? What keywords did they use for​ that search? How long did that visitor stay at​ your site? What did they look at? What didn't they look at? How far into a​ payment process did they get before they abandoned the​ purchase? What prevented them from becoming a​ customer?

Knowing the​ answers to​ questions like these is​ extremely important in​ order for​ you to​ refine your web site. You want to​ to use more of​ what is​ working for​ you and​ get rid of​ content that doesn't work for​ you. it​ will also keep your site up to​ date in​ an​ ever changing marketplace. Now how do you get this information?

The answer is​ 'web analytics'. Web analytics gathers information about what visitors do when they are at​ your web site, and​ then organizes that data into reports you can customize to​ suit your needs. Analytics can either be hosted online by a​ provider of​ the​ service or​ can be purchased as​ a​ program that you own and​ manage. There are many different venders of​ web analytic services.

Analytics packages can be hosted for​ as​ low as​ $30 per month and​ this price goes up as​ the​ amount of​ data tracking increases. Programs, on the​ other hand, will vary in​ cost from free trial versions with very few features, to​ costing thousands of​ dollars for​ complete, full spectrum tracking. Knowing what you need to​ know about your visitors, will help you decide the​ level of​ tracking features you need to​ get the​ most out of​ your web site.

It is​ important to​ look at​ the​ information gathered in​ these reports, at​ the​ very least, on a​ weekly basis, and​ to​ make changes to​ your web site based on this information. Trust the​ data, not your expectations of​ what your potential customers want. Web analytics is​ a​ powerful marketing weapon and​ sets apart those who are serious about having a​ web site that significantly enhances their business, from those who are not.

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