Pursuing Your Post Retirement Passions Online

Pursuing Your Post Retirement Passions Online

Pursuing Your Post-Retirement Passions Online
Ten years ago, computer literacy was an​ issue with older Americans .​
My father was insistent that one of​ those machines would never be seen near his desk .​
So we bought him one for Christmas and let the instruction manual drag him in .​
Now he paints with it.
It seems that resistance to​ computers is​ largely a​ thing of​ the past among most of​ us these days .​
They are a​ part of​ everyone's life, and grandparents are no exception .​
The ease and simplicity of​ email has spread computer use through all generations .​
Instant communication with children and grandchildren who are far away have brought millions of​ older Americans online and having arrived there, they have learned about the remarkable resources on the Internet.
You Don't have to​ Go to​ School
Those among us who are retired, who may be older but are wondering about the mechanics and uses of​ this technology, ought to​ consider learning to​ work with it .​
The basic tool for creating a​ web page is​ HTML, a​ techie acronym for a​ simple term: HyperText Markup Language .​
Learning to​ use HTML and create web pages is​ not, repeat NOT beyond anyone's reach .​
It's pretty easy, and once you realize how easy it​ is​ you'll want to​ continue do develop your abilities with it.
You can find an​ excellent tutorial on the basics of​ HTML at​ www.case.edu/its/itac/web/lrnhtml.html .​
It was written by an​ information technology specialist at​ Case Western Reserve University and it​ is​ truly written for beginners .​
He goes out of​ his way to​ use common English and translate tech terms into comprehensible language .​
The document is​ dated; it​ is​ eight years old and that is​ a​ long time in​ the computer world .​
However the basics haven't changed and it​ is​ a​ great place to​ start .​
Moreover, there are two additional tutorials for intermediate students dealing with later versions of​ HTML.
Use the Resources Online Instead of​ on the Shelf
Once you have a​ working knowledge of​ web pages and how to​ assemble them, you can look elsewhere for the newer, flashier tools and tricks that have been developed in​ recent years .​
There are lots of​ software packages out there for creating web pages with a​ minimum of​ technical background .​
It's better to​ start with the basics and understand what you're doing as​ your skills grow .​
a​ good resource for additional tools and tutorials can be found at​ www.ianr.unl.edu/internet/htmlhelp.html .​
It's a​ collection of​ links to​ free information and software for web page builders.
For my father, the computer became a​ recreational resource when daily golf was no longer an​ option .​
For many of​ his friends, the ability to​ create web pages has become a​ source of​ entertainment and creative satisfaction .​
You will find an​ abundance of​ 'family' web pages on the internet that have been created as​ a​ way of​ passing family history along .​
The scrapbooks with captioned pictures have become electronic documents, which can be amended at​ will - every time a​ new grandchild or​ another family gathering occurs, up goes another photograph .​
You can scan pictures and arrange written copy in​ an​ attractive format that is​ really very different than traditional scrapbooks .​
The limits of​ page size do not exist in​ the HTML universe.
Good Enough to​ Turn Pro?
Once you're comfortable with your abilities and have developed some unique formats of​ your own, you might give some thought to​ marketing your skills .​
Lots of​ retirees sell their services on a​ spot basis just as​ some sell quilts or​ ornaments at​ Christmas fairs .​
Charge an​ hourly fee to​ develop the types of​ pages that you're comfortable with .​
That might mean family pages for your friends, or​ home pages for small businessmen that you know and who are intimidated by the professional online graphics houses .​
Consider the internet an​ opportunity, as​ have thousands of​ young people developing careers .​
It can be an​ avocation as​ well.

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