Pumping Or Pounding To Build Muscle Mass

Pumping Or Pounding To Build Muscle Mass

Pumping or​ Pounding to​ Build Muscle Mass?
There are pretty much 2 schools of​ thought in​ how to​ gain muscle weight you are either a​ pumper, meaning you do a​ lot of​ sets for a​ lot of​ reps, using lower weights, and you go after the pump.
Or, you are a​ pounder, meaning you do a​ low number of​ sets, a​ lower rep range, but you use as​ much weight as​ possible, so you are more concerned with getting stronger than getting a​ pump.
Lately, in​ the magazines you are having more and more people favoring pumping as​ opposed to​ pounding.
The man that without a​ doubt made getting a​ pump the thing to​ do to​ build muscle mass is​ Arnold no last name needed.
Especially since he made his famous comment about getting a​ pump in​ the movie Pumping Iron, in​ addition to​ his very high volume workouts, many are led to​ believe that the way that Arnold built his incredible physique was through the pump.
However, look closer at​ what really happened. You can read in​ any of​ his biographies that at​ the start of​ his bodybuilding career, all the way up until he pretty much came to​ America, Arnold was NOT a​ pumper.
He was a​ pounder. He trained with a​ powerliftingstyle. He even competed in​ several powerlifting competitions.
By the time he came over to​ the States, he already weighed 240 pounds, before he started really following pumping routines.
His style of​ training was very ballistic, fast rep speed, and very heavy weights. . . . . . . just as​ he himself has said many times.
Well, he already was 240 pounds of​ muscle, the result of​ heavy lifting, NOT pumping.
Now, did he gain any additional muscle once he switched over to​ a​ pumpingstyle????
No! Look at​ all of​ his competition body weights.
The biggest he ever competed at​ was in​ the 230s.
Remember, he was already 240 from the heavy pounding back in​ his native country.
He gained the majority of​ his muscle mass from heavy lifting, pounding. . . . . . NOT from pumping.
If pumping was the way to​ go to​ build and gain muscle mass weight, then Arnold should have gotten bigger, NOT maintain his current weight.
Most people make the mistake of​ looking at​ Arnolds body, his peaked biceps, massive chest, etc. , and think that he built that by doing a​ ton of​ sets, chasing the pump.
Well, all that managed to​ do for him was maintain the musculature that he built by heavy, powerliftingstyle lifting at​ the beginning of​ his lifting career!!!
Who knows how big he would have gotten had he stuck to​ what made him big in​ the first place. . . . . . . . pounding!
So, what are you, a​ pumper, or​ a​ pounder???

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