Puma Hunting Knife Review Putting The Cutting Edge Under The Scope

Puma Hunting Knife Review Putting The Cutting Edge Under The Scope

When it​ comes to​ hunting knives, Puma is​ considered by most experts to​ be the elite, the cream of​ the crop, the absolute cutting edge in​ design, utility and pure class. Well-designed of​ the best quality materials, PUMA knives don’t come cheap – but they’re quality all the way. Each blade is​ hand-ground, and each knife is​ assembled by hand. The materials and workmanship have made PUMA knives more than the best quality knife to​ have in​ the field – they’re collectors’ items in​ their own right.

In 1953, the company changed its direction slightly to​ focus on manufacturing functional hunting, fishing, survival, sporting and outdoor knives. in​ 1956, PUMA designed what is​ probably its most famous knife ever, the PUMA White Hunter, for an​ East African hunting organization. For over 200 years, Solingen, Germany has been the source of​ the finest knives made anywhere in​ the world, and since 1920, the best of​ those knives have borne the name PUMA.


PUMA knives are made from premium DI.4 steel, each individually drop forged and hardened to​ hold the keenest possible edge. Each model has a​ number and a​ name engraved on the blade, along with the year of​ its manufacture – a​ bonus for collectors, who find it​ easy to​ date PUMA knives when assigning values. The handles are made of​ all natural materials, usually stag horn or​ bone, and every detail is​ made of​ the finest material available.

PUMA Knives for Hunting and Sporting

The most popular PUMAs are those that have stood the test of​ time. Among the most well-known and prized are:

PUMA Bowie Knife

Bowie is​ the ultimate name in​ hunting knives, with its wide fixed blade that makes it​ ideal for hunting, fishing, camping and self-defense. The PUMA Bowie is​ a​ full 11” long with a​ single-edged blade, a​ genuine stag handle, and a​ fully riveted tang. This is​ the knife that Jim Bowie dreamed of​ when he first commissioned the knife that bears his name.

PUMA Skinner Knife

Skinning knives are a​ must for hunters, and the PUMA is​ designed with a​ blade long enough to​ give you the option of​ using a​ straight, curved or​ pointed edge to​ simplify the tasks you need it​ to​ perform. it​ also has a​ 5 ½” stag handle that’s carved to​ fit your hand comfortably, and a​ finger guard to​ keep your fingers out of​ harm’s way when dealing with a​ wet, slippery knife.

PUMA White Hunter

Perhaps the most famous hunting knife ever designed, the White Hunter features a​ partially serrated blade that is​ shaped to​ make all the tasks you use a​ knife for easier. It’s 11” long overall with a​ full, fully riveted tang, a​ built-in finger guard and a​ genuine stag horn handle. it​ was first released in​ 1956, and has grown more popular over the decades. The 50th Anniversary model is​ destined to​ be the ultimate gift for a​ collector of​ fine knives. It’s a​ truly luxurious blade forged of​ Damascus stainless steel Rockwell tested to​ 55-60 hardness. The handle is​ of​ ebony with nickel silver bolsters, and the included black leather sheath is​ accented with nickel silver. to​ further increase its interest to​ collectors, PUMA is​ only manufacturing 50 of​ the 50th Anniversary edition worldwide. It’s the gift of​ a​ lifetime for a​ serious knife collector.

Puma Hunting Knife Review Putting The Cutting Edge Under The Scope

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