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The commonwealth of​ Puerto Rico,​ a​ territory of​ the​ United States,​ is​ a​ popular vacation destination for people all over the​ world,​ and Puerto Rico casinos fit in​ well with the​ whole exciting and glamorous image. Visitors to​ Puerto Rico give a​ high rating to​ its hotel casinos,​ and consistently call them some of​ the​ most exciting gaming places to​ visit along the​ Caribbean.

Puerto Rico casinos are strictly regulated by the​ local government,​ and are only allowed to​ operate in​ hotels. This is​ a​ big plus for vacationers,​ since it​ means that almost every major casino comes with luxury accommodations,​ top-notch entertainment,​ and some of​ the​ finest dining anywhere.

Some of​ the​ most popular Puerto Rico casinos are located in​ San Juan,​ a​ major Puerto Rican port and arguably the​ most popular resort spot for those vacationing in​ the​ area. the​ Condado Plaza Hotel Resort and Casino in​ San Juan offers patrons luxury ocean-front accommodations in​ a​ beautiful island setting,​ with a​ casino that is​ opened twenty-four hours per day. the​ Condado Plaza casino consists of​ 12,​500 square feet of​ gaming space,​ with 400 slot machines and several gaming tables,​ live entertainment,​ and a​ restaurant and lounge. the​ Radisson Ambassador Plaza Hotel and Casino San Juan offers a​ smaller casino than the​ Condado at​ 9000 square feet,​ but it​ is​ no less luxurious or​ exciting. Along with the​ top-rated accommodations offered by the​ hotel,​ the​ casino gives patrons a​ choice of​ 500 different slot machines to​ play at,​ plus several tables offering such games as​ blackjack,​ roulette,​ several different types of​ poker games,​ and craps.

Other famous hotel casinos in​ Puerto Rico include the​ Holiday Inn Ponce and Tropical Casino,​ located in​ Ponce,​ Puerto Rico,​ and the​ Mayaguez Resort and Casino located on​ the​ west coast in​ the​ city of​ Mayaguez. the​ Ponce and Tropical casino resort is​ located high up on​ a​ mountain,​ and offers patrons a​ spectacular view of​ the​ historic city of​ Ponce as​ well as​ the​ beautiful Caribbean ocean. Visitors rate the​ twenty-four hour casino as​ fun and exciting,​ and say that it​ is​ a​ treat to​ play at​ the​ slot machines or​ table games while enjoying the​ music coming from the​ piano bar. the​ Mayaguez Resort and Casino offers patrons exciting gaming in​ the​ form of​ slot machines and video poker machines,​ as​ well as​ table games such as​ baccarat,​ blackjack,​ roulette,​ and craps.

With all that there is​ to​ do on​ vacation in​ Puerto Rico,​ the​ variety of​ outstanding Puerto Rico casinos to​ choose from is​ just another added benefit that makes this vacation destination memorable.
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