Publish Your Own Community Magazine

Publish Your Own Community Magazine

Publish Your Own Community Magazine
It is​ not surprising that for​ almost every subject or​ topic you can think of​ today, somewhere online you will be able to​ find a​ source of​ information to​ guide you.
Think of​ a​ promising business opportunity and​ there is​ no doubt that someone will have already cornered the​ market somewhere.
Coming up with an​ original idea, something a​ little different from the​ rest, is​ not easy, and​ if​ you do eventually make a​ start, the​ competition is​ guaranteed to​ be tough.
So why not take a​ look closer to​ home, at​ your home town itself.
Depending on the​ size of​ your home town you may possibly have thousands of​ potential customers eager for​ a​ product that you could place in​ front of​ them - something guranteed to​ make them want to​ purchase it, and​ with no competition to​ be concerned about .​
I​ have discovered such a​ product, something that few people associated with my home town can resist .​
The best thing is​ that they are willing to​ come back month after month for​ the​ same product .​
In fact, when I​ think about it, those people, my potential customers, actually give me something that they are willing to​ purchase back from me!
So what's all this about? What is​ it​ that local people find so irresistable? a​ community magazine of​ course.
Now before you head off to​ the​ next offer, stop for​ a​ minute and​ give it​ a​ little thought .​
What exactly are we talking about? What exactly is​ a​ community magazine?
Do not mistake what I​ am telling you with some of​ the​ other community magazine ideas available on the​ internet, which entail you publish a​ free booklet full of​ local business advertisements to​ be distributed freely around your local neighbourhood .​
The magazines I​ am talking about here, have served me well for​ over two and​ a​ half years and​ provide factual information and​ interest that are not available in​ such format anywhere else .​
This is​ not a​ plan that is​ going to​ cost you thousands of​ pounds simply to​ purchase the​ idea or​ franchise - in​ fact if​ you follow what I​ did to​ the​ letter, you could establish your own community magazine without any investment whatsoever .​
I​ did it​ without any capital or​ previous experience and​ I​ now distribute almost 3,000 commercially printed magazines around my home town every single month .​
I​ give people what they want .​
There is​ no hard selling involved because the​ magazines, by their very nature, sell themself.
Take a​ look on the​ internet and​ search for​ something connected with publishing a​ community magazine and​ I​ believe you will discover that this opportunity is​ one of​ the​ few that is​ yet to​ be exploited .​
That will change no doubt, but by that time you will have already taken control of​ your own area - won't you?

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