Psychology Of Success

Psychology Of Success

Do you believe that if​ you do what other successful people do you will also become successful? You should, because your beliefs become your reality!

There is​ a​ song with a​ line in​ it​ that goes: Free your mind, the rest will follow…

That is​ absolutely correct. Our thinking is​ the critical factor in​ how our daily lives turn out. Because you BECOME what you THINK ABOUT most of​ the time. So think about your goals and how to​ get them most of​ the time.

GOALS: it​ is​ essential to​ have goals; you have to​ have a​ focal point. Write down on a​ piece of​ paper 10 goals that you have. Which one is​ the most important to​ you? Focus on that goal.

OPTIMISM: This is​ a​ key characteristic of​ Successful People.

Eliminate the negative emotions that can and do hold you back. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. if​ you like to​ play the blame the game or​ whine about why this or​ that isn’t working out for you or​ you make excuses for your lack of​ success, you will continue to​ be what you are now – unsuccessful.

HOW: Successful people think about what they want and HOW to​ get it​ most of​ the time.

Time Management Approach
(A): Actions that move you in​ the direction of​ a​ goal that you want
(B): Actions that do not move you in​ the direction of​ a​ goal that you want

It is​ human nature to​ do the easy tasks first or​ the actions that do not achieve the results that you desire for your business. This is​ the greatest enemy to​ your success. Do only (A) actions, the actions that move you in​ the direction of​ your goals.

HOURLY WAGE - NOT YEARLY INCOME. Successful people think in​ terms of​ how much they are worth an​ hour and only do actions that will help them achieve their desired results. Think about it… What are you doing right now? What are the tasks you perform every day to​ move you closer to​ your goals. Are they worth $50 an​ hour? Would you pay someone else $50 an​ hour to​ do what you did today? Remember you only get paid for results.

If you could do only 1 thing all day long, what would contribute the most value to​ your business? What 2 things… What 3 things… Do fewer things, do more of​ those fewer things and get better at​ them!

SKILLS: What skill do you need that would have the greatest impact on your income? Your weakest skill normally determines your income. All business skills are learnable! Believe that you ARE one skill away from doubling your income.

RESULTS: Ask yourself, of​ all the results that I could get, what one result would help my business the most?

YOU, your thoughts, your actions, determine your success. You hold your success in​ your hands. How do you BELIEVE it’s going to​ turn out?

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