Psychology Of Casino Goers

Psychology Of Casino-goers
The casino gets its benefit practically always .​
This true is​ known to​ everybody .​
Many people checked up this true on​ their own experience .​
But nevertheless a​ set of​ people constantly come to​ the​ casino to​ play and voluntary leave there money!
It should be pleasant and comfortable for a​ client in​ the​ casino .​
He gets free-of-charge drinks and snacks due to​ the​ casino .​
He sits in​ comfortable armchairs and listens to​ pleasant music .​
Nothing disturbs him .​
There are not clocks in​ the​ casino,​ as​ a​ rule .​
Therefore it​ is​ rather difficult to​ define the​ time.
But everywhere there is​ a​ lot of​ day sunlight .​
Bright light confuses players .​
These are psychological tricks .​
The purpose of​ them is​ to​ disorient the​ person’s sense.
The effect of​ almost a​ prize forces the​ player to​ overestimate the​ chances of​ victory .​
Players overestimate their ability to​ keep the​ control over the​ situation .​
They think that they are precisely able stop when it​ is​ necessary.
Such human self-confidence is​ familiar to​ everyone and similar to​ the​ statement of​ the​ category I​ can stop smoking when I​ want .​
What for should I​ stop,​ when the​ red has already dropped out 5 times successively (at the​ rate on​ black)? Especially if​ you have spent all the​ money to​ make the​ following certainly advantageous rate!
Almost in​ all casinos draws of​ automobiles are carried out! the​ person takes out judgments about events and world around not only from the​ rational facts - the​ emotional component,​ images and impressions influence the​ perception very much .​
And emotional images are,​ as​ a​ rule,​ very strong!
The casino in​ addition forms emotionally sated image of​ benefiting – by leading the​ indicative super-draws,​ exposing remembered prizes on​ the​ draw,​ whenever possible,​ showing the​ gaining players and provoking reaction of​ the​ kind this small,​ bald,​ ugly man won such expensive automobile! Am I​ worse? I​ am much better and,​ therefore,​ I​ shall surely win something!.
Such are the​ unwritten rules of​ gambling business .​
But it​ is​ just a​ reflection of​ the​ nature of​ human mentality .​
To resist to​ these receptions is​ practically impossible .​
To beat the​ casino is​ very difficult,​ too .​
But the​ bent for game having deep roots in​ mentality,​ forces millions of​ people to​ lose in​ hope for a​ prize.

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