Psoriasis Treatments And Psoriasis Resources

Psoriasis Treatments and​ ​ Psoriasis Resources
Psoriasis is​ not contagious but can be inherited. ​
Research indicates that the​ disease may result from a​ disorder in the​ immune system. ​
Currently, there is​ no cure for​ psoriasis. ​
However, there are many treatment options that can clear psoriasis for​ a​ period of​ time.
What is​ Psoriasis?
Typically psoriasis sufferers usually develop well defined red raised patches covered by silvery scales which form first on the​ scalp, behind the​ ears, on the​ back of​ the​ neck, between the​ shoulders, on elbows and​ ​ knees or​ near fingernails and​ ​ toenails.
How is​ Psoriasis usually treated?
Although psoriasis cannot be cured, using a​ combination of​ treatments may help the​ symptoms to disappear for​ long periods. ​
Psoriasis treatments may include conventional and​ ​ selfcare.
Conventional treatments aim at ​ controlling the​ condition. ​
While conventional treatments can be very effective, they can also be extremely harsh especially in the​ longterm and​ ​ many treat only the​ external symptoms.
Conventional psoriasis treatments include
* Topical applied to the​ skin Mild to moderate psoriasis
* Phototherapy light, usually ultraviolet, applied to the​ skin Moderate to severe psoriasis
* Systemic taken orally or​ by injection or​ infusion Moderate, severe or​ disabling psoriasis
SelfCare psoriasis treatments at ​ home include
* Keeping the​ skin soft and​ ​ moist is​ helpful. ​
Apply heavy moisturizers after bathing.
* Avoiding irritating cosmetics or​ soaps. ​
Try a​ nontoxic soap like Botanic GOLD™ http//
* Refrain from scratching or​ itching that can cause bleeding or​ excessive irritation.
* Soaking in bath water with oil added and​ ​ using moisturizers may help. ​
Bath soaks with coal tar or​ other agents that remove scales and​ ​ reduce the​ plaque may also help.
Many psoriasis sufferers use a​ combination of​ these treatments to reduce or​ eliminate the​ outbreak of​ psoriasis. ​
Before starting any treatment program it​ is​ always advisable to check with a​ doctor.
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